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James Oglethorpe
founded Georgia as a haven for people imprisoned for debt
Benjamin Franklin
in his Pennsylvania Gazette, he warned his fellow colonists that they must "Join or Die"
Roger Williams
punished by exile for advocating separation of church and state in Massachusetts Bay; founded Rhode Island
Edward Braddock
defeated at Fort Duquesne (Pittsburgh) and killed during the French and Indian War
Nathanial Bacon
leader of the rebellion against Governor Berkeley; Bacon's Rebellion was mainly supported by young men frustrated by their inability to acquire land
Charles II
English monarch when Carolinas, PA, NY and CT were founded
Edmund Andros
headed the dominion of New England; caused a rebellion
Jonathan Edwards
leader of the Great Awakening
Anne Hutchison
punished by exile for challenging the authority of leading Puritan clergymen in Massachusetts Bay
supposedly saved Captain John Smith's life
George Washington
aide to General Braddock
William and Mary
Protestant rulers of the Netherlands
John Cotton
Puritan minister who disliked democracy
King Philip
Indian chieftain, shot and beheaded for leading an uprising against whites in New England
Miles Standish
non-Puritan adventurer, Indian fighter and negotiator
last of the Aztec emperors of Mexico
Thomas Fairfax
owned 5 million acres in Virginia (originally granted by the king); one of the few landlords who lived on his property
Thomas Hutchinson
Massachusetts Lt. Governor who feared democracy; wanted stiffer voting qualifications; house burned by a Boston mob as he appeared to support the Stamp Act
William Shirley
governor of Massachusetts; tried to take French forts on frontier in the French and Indian War; organized the capture of Louisbourg in King George's War
Jeffrey Amherst
British general who rebuilt the abandoned French forts of Ticonderoga and Crown Point in the French and Indian War; captured Montreal
John Witherspoon
brought up in the colonies, instructed by Scottish teacher; president of Princeton College, NJ; signed Declaration of Independence
Mary White Rowlandson
frontier wife in MA (1670s); captured by Indians and ransomed after 12 weeks
Cotton Mather
Congregational minister; led a group of ministers to oppose the Salem Witch Trials as convicting people on dubious evidence
Christian Crusaders
indirectly responsible for discovery of Americas (publicize spices, etc.)
allowed the European governments to give Indians to colonists for labor if they promised to Christianize them
Joint-Stock Company
a type of primitive corporation, used to fund Jamestown