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When a Native American Warrior would ride up to an enemy and tap them with his stick.
1.) Killed nearly 4,300 bison in 1867-1868 to feed Union Pacific RR workers.
2.) Created a Wild West Show
What are some key things about "GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER"?
1.) Custer- Graduated last in his class.
2.) Wore a blue velvet suit. (Very Vain)
3.) Custer led 7th Cavalry to Black Hills, South Dakota in 1874; Gold discovered in sacred Sioux land.
4.) June 1876 Custer heads out w/600 troops; led to Battle of Little Bighorn June 25, 1876
What are some key things about "THE BATTLE OF THE LITTLE BIGHORN"?
6.) June 1876 Custer heads out w/600 troops; led to Battle of Little Bighorn June 25, 1876
1.) Encouraged Native Americans to fight at Little Big Horn.
What was the "GHOST DANCE"?
1.) Wovoka said Sioux could regain prestige
2.) Dancing led to trances and visions
3.) Let to panic and arrests; Sitting Bull killed
What was "WOUNDED KNEE"?
1.) December 29, 1890 Wounded Knee South Dakota nearly 300 Sioux under Chief Big Foot killed by 7th Cavalry; “revenge” for Little Bighorn
What was the "DAWES ACT"?
1.) Destroys communal ownership of land
2.) Gives small farms to each family head
3.) Indians who leave tribes become U.S. citzens
What was the "HOMESTEAD ACT"?
Homestead Act 1862, 160 acres for $10; 5 year residence+cultivation
What was the "TIMBER CULTURE ACT"?
Timber Culture Act of 1873, additional 160 acres if trees planted on 40 acres
What was the "DESERT LAND ACT"?
Desert Land Act of 1877, 640 acres in arid regions; had to irrigate.
National Recamation (Newlands) Act 1902 sets aside federal money for irrigation projects.
1.) Interstate Commerce Commission 1887-oversee RR and outlaw monopolies RR had on shipping (rebates, high rates)
2.) No real power until 1906
Andrew Carnegie
1.) Andrew Carnegie (Scotish "rags to riches" story)
2.) Worked as textile worker, bookkeeper, telegraph operator
3.) 1870-Steel industry; began to control all aspects of steel manufacture "vertical monopoly/ integration"
Sherman Anti Trust Act
1.) Sherman Anti-Trust Act 1890 Ohio Sen. John Sherman sought to outlaw trusts and monopolies; lack of precise definitions hindered act
2.) 1892-Standard Oil dissolved