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Pinckney's Treaty
Spain agreed to give freedom of navigation of Miss. to Americans, 30 degrees N was boundary to US, "right to deposit" (no tax on moving loads from ships to boats)
temples, pyramids, writing, observatories, calendars, maize
warlike, temples, pyramids, capital (mexico city), gold into jewelry
William Pitt
prime minister of england, made first british empire, led generals to capture fort duquesne and rename it fort pitt in french and indian war, led to recapture louisburg, made strategy for invasion of canada.
William Penn
made Pennsylvania for Quakers. Got colonial grant from king (father was rich...)
Jay's Treaty
Britain wouldn't stop seizing US vessels, but the fur trade was agreed to stay on American soil.
Jonathon Edwards
profound theologian
sponsored by England, trying to find a faster way to reach Indies by going across atlantic to Newfoundland. 11-week round trip, super fast. 2nd trip- a trading post established. lost at sea.
quebec acts
set up a gov't without a rep. gov't. and gave special privileges to the Catholic Church.
Carolina proprietorship
"Grand model" by locke, but proved unfit for wilderness gov't
sponsored by france, wanted to discover/claim land near gulf of st. lawrence and montreal. found french connection to NA. established trade for fur. only explorer to make a permanenet settlement.
samuel de champlain
became founder of New France in America. quebec- made first permanent french settlement in New World.
Wolfe/ Montcalm
Wolfe couldn't take Quebec so he shifted his forces and then in the middle of the night he shifted his forces towards Montcalm's troops, surprising them with a volley of arrows
1st continental congress
12 colonies (not GA). agreed to form a Non-Imprtation Assoc. and cease all trade with Britain. colonists only taxed by their assemblies, allowed parliament to regulate trade as with Navigation Acts
triangle trade, middle passage
New England to Africa to Carribbean. rum for slaves. slaves for sugar. sugar for rum.
middle passage was the trip for slaves from africa to new england.
"fundamental orders"
basis of CT gov't. governor, legislative assembly, and courts. voting to male property owners.
from italy, sponsored by king francis (France). trying to find water passage to asia for money by going to cape fear, ny, me, ma, and newfoundland. scouted east coast but couldn't find a passage, so he lost king's trust.
Townshend Acts
proposed duties on imported items, billeting act- told governor of NY to veto all until brits given supplies, wanted colonial customs service to be reorganized.
sponsored by Spain, wanted to find Japan by going aroudn S. America, circumnavigated the world, died in a petty fight, 18 of crew survived
PA proprietorship
Act of Toleration (freedom to exercise any religion)
sponsored by Spain, Spain to Africa to Carribbean to explore New World. Documented well, helped mapmakers
water system, writing, calendars, gov't rulers, palaces, roads, terraces, potatoes, tomatoes
sponsored by spain and himself, wanted to claim more land in Mexico, defeated Aztecs, brought gold/silver back to king of Spain
treaty of paris 1783
Brits acknowledged that US is independent. no legal obstacles could prevent Brits from collecting debts owed them by US merchants