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What caused the Boston Massacre?
British soldiers firing into an innocent group of colonists.
What was the Quebec Act of 1774?
It gave the area west of the Appalachian Mountains to Quebec.
Who made a proposal for a Grand Council of the Americas?
Joseph Galloway
Why did the Tea Act of 1773 anger the colonists?
Because it lowered the price of tea in the colonies.
Did Parliament pass a second Tea Act doubling the price of tea after the Boston Tea Party?
No, they passed the Intolerable Acts instead.
What did the Townshend Acts of 1767 do?
Prevented the New York assembly from governing the colony.
Placed taxes on several items that had not been taxed before.
What was the Declaratory Act of 1766?
It stated the authority of Parliament to make laws for the colonies?
Why were the Committees of Correspondence important?
They allowed the colonists to unite their views and actions.
What was the Committees of Correspondence?
Group created so that the colonies can communicate.
Name three parts of the Intolerable Acts.
Closed Boston's ports.
Limited town meetings to once a year.
New Quartering Act.
Sent British officials to England to be tried for murder.