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What was the role of the French in the American Revolution?
They helped the Americans in the War of Revolution. Britian had taken them out of America and they wanted to help the Americans drive the British out.
Who were the minutemen?
Commoners like farmers, carpenters, and blacksmiths who worked on a minute's notice
The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, PA.
Who was the leader of the Continental Army? A. Thomas Jefferson B. William Howe C. George Washington
C. George Washington
Loyalist sided with the ______.
Patriots sided with the _______.
American colonists
Who was the British king during the Revolution?
King George III
James Madison created the Virginia Declaration of Rights.
False. George Mason created the Virginia Declaration of Rights and was a member of the Virginia Convention
The Virginia Declaration of Righs influenced the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
Yes, it did
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson helped write the Declaration of Independence.
Yes, but Thomas Jefferson wrote majority of it
When was the Declaration of Independence approved?
July 4, 1776
The opening shots of the Revolution were fired at which location?
Lexington or Lexington Green
George Rogers Clark captured Las Vegas?
No, he captured the Ohio River Valley
Who surrendered to George Washington in Yorktown?
Lord Cornwallis
Which battle was the turning point of the Revolutionary War?
Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Bunker Hill took place at
A. Bunker Hill B. Breeds Hill C. Lexington
B. Breeds Hill
Which battle was the actual first battle of the Revolutionary War?
Battle of Bunker Hill
Who lost the first battle of the American Revolution?
Who was the first casualty that led up to the Revolution?
Crispus Attucks and several others who died in the Boston Massacre
Articles of Confederation was not the plan for the U.S. government. YES or NO
No, it 'was' the plan for the first U.S. government