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Hodgkins disease
Reed-Sternberg cell
No R.S. cells, obliterated lymph architecture.
Bone marrow aspirate - CA
multpile myeloma (marrow) lots of malignant PLASMA cells
infiltrate in osteosarcoma
osteoid matrix by malignant osteoblasts
non rheumatoid arthritis
osteoarthritis - surface erodes, lots of chondrocytes, cysts
cancellous bone
spongy bone, trabelcular
see malignant melanomacytes in dermis and epidermis
compound nevus cells where
dermoepidermal junction
multiplying keratin cells
wart, name and celltype
verruca vulgaris, koilocytosis
finger projections in warts
old people's stuck on moles
seborrheic keratosis - has HORN CYSTS - filled with Keratin
Thickening of epidermis
squamous CA
keratin pearls, intercellular junctions, islands moving into nearby tissue, hyperkeratosis
solar keratosis - name
actinic - causes parakeratosis
features solar keratosis
hyperkeratosis, papillomatosis, parakaratosis
multiple myeloma features
HYPERCELLULAR, PLASMA cells, unusual nucleus, pale perinuclear
cause of warts
(verruca vulgaris) HPV human papilloma virus
risk factor for malignant melanoma
dysplastic nevi
cell type assoc warts
thickening of epidermis
devastating CA - face/ears
squamous cell CA, metastasis to lymph - malignant until proven otherwise
vessels in CA
basal cell CA char
'rodent ulcer' rolled border, waxy, rarely metastasises, pearly nodule, telangiectasis, due to sun, islands push through to dermis
cell char specific to squamous cell CA
intercellular bridges
cells bunched together, weird shapes
breast cancer type
uterine cysts
well differentiated, benign, have border, not case, 'fibroids' flare during pregnancy
lines in clots
Lines of zahn
tumours -periphery of main tumour
which more dangerous - squamous, basal
squamous - more aggr, metastasis
cyto feature - carcinoma
hyperchromatism - greater nuclei-cytoplasm ratio
rheumatic fever cell type
anitschow cells
rheumatic fever - granuloma
aschoff body - area of nec, surrounded by lymphocytes, macrophages, plasma cells
meningitis - type and stain
cryptococcal - mucincarmine stain
lung infection - opportunistic
three opportunistic infections
CMV, Fungi (lung abscess)
Fungus in lung - type, stain, branches called
aspergillus, grocotts stain, hyphae branches
gastritis bacteria
helicopylori - chronic (acute and chronic inflamm)
granuloma cells - crohns
multinucleated giant cells
crohns vs ulcerative
skip lesions, trans mural, no polyps, entire GI vs. lg int.
ulcerative colitis feature
common cancer of colon
clot in pericardium
look for in squamous cell CA
mitotic figures, pleomorphic cells
Thyroid disease causes infiltrate
hashimotos - lymphocyte infiltrate, thy. follicles atrophy, lymphoid foll. grow.
asthma - microscopic
hyperplastic goblet cells, hypertrophy sm.musc. cells, thickened bsmt memb
disease of joints, heart, related to?
rheumatic fever - infective endocarditis, rheumatism
stain for TB
Ziehl-Neelson, for acid-fast bacilli
cell type tubercle granuloma
langhans giant cells
Ghon focus
healed primary TB infection
crohns granuloma
epitheloid macrophages