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What are the predominant components of the ground substance of cartilage?
-type I collagen (superficial)
-type II collagen (deep)
What are the three types of cartilage?
1. Hyaline
2. Fibrocartilage
3. Elastic
What are the origins and functions of chondroblasts?
-originate from primitive mesenchymal cells
-function is to synthesize ground substance and fibrous extracellular matrix
What is the function of the perichondrium?
-it is supportive tissue containing chondroblasts
-found at the periphery of mature cartilage
What major factor limits the thickness of hyaline cartilage?
-the blood supply to the area
-avascularity in most cartilage tissue is cause for metabolites to be exchanged by diffusion through the water of solvation of the ground substance
What structures are composed of hyaline cartilage?
-nasal septum
-tracheal rings
-articular surfaces
-precursor of bone
-sternal ends of ribs
Why can't you see collagen fibers in hyaline cartilage using routine light microscopy?
Why are chondrocytes necessary for cartilage maintenance?
-they have a prominent rough ER which is important for protein synthesis
-important since they synthesize the extracellular matrix (matrix turnover)
What structures are composed of fibrocartilage?
-intervertebral discs
-some articular cartilages
-pubic symphysis
-connections of some tendons to bone
-associated with dense collagenous tissue in joint capsules
What accounts for the difference in physical properties between fibrocartilage and hyaline cartilage?
-the arrangement of their matrix and collagen fibers
What structures are composed of elastic cartilage?
-external ear and auditory canal
-some laryngeal cartilage
-walls of the Eustacian tubes
What accounts for the difference in physical properties between elastic and hyaline cartilage?
-the elasticity is due to the presence of bundles of elastic fibers in the cartilage matrix