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Where do you find villi?
Small intestine
Does a peripheral nerve contain nerve cell bodies?
The presence of intercalated disks is a distinguishing characteristic of:
Cardiac Muscle
Plicae circularis are found? Contain? increase what?
in small intestine, contain many villi, increase surface area
What do chief cells secrete?
Germinal centers are sites of:
B cell proliferation and differentiation in response to antigen stim
The schwann cell is responsible for myelin production where?
Peripheral nervous system
Enteroendocrine cells are a diverse population of ________ producing cells.
What part of the GUT is involved in the absorption of Water?
Large intestine
In the bone marrow, megakaryocytes produce:
How do osteocytes in osteons communicate?
Gap JXN in canaliculi
What type of collagen would you expect to find in the submucosa of the LARGE intestine?
Type IV and Laminin
In bones, the difference between endosteum and periosteum is:
Endosteum is a thinner and more delicate connective tissue that the periosteum
In the spleen, lymphocytes are concentrated around the central arteries in which pulp?
What cells stimulate the vascular SM cells to contract?
Endothelial cells
The esophagus contains:
well developed prominent muscularis mucosa
stratified squamous epithelium
muscularis externa with smooth or skeletal muscle
What cells have rounded heterochromatic nucleus and very little cytoplasm?
Enteroendocrine cells are found:
Schwann cells produce
What part of the gut has permanent plicae circulares in wall?
Small intestine (Mainly the Jejunum)
Where are the columnar epithelial cells of the Gut produced?
Only in the Crypts of Lieberkuhn.
What do enteroendocrine cells secrete?
Where is transitional epithelium found?
Urinary system
What region of the GUT contains more goblet cells per unit area?
Elastin is found where?
aurical cartilage
tunica adventitia of large veins
There are more
What do brunners glands secrete?
Which layer of the skin contains dividing cells?
Stratum Germinativum
What cells contain granules filled with heparin and histamine?
Mast cells- basophils
Osteoid is different from cartilage matrix because:
Type II Collagen is found in cartilage as a resistance to pressure
What segment of the Gut is more active in the absorption of nutrients?
Small intestine
Cardiac and muscle cells are both:
What do goblet cells secrete?
A few Reticulocytes found in peripheral blood smear is good or bad?
Within normal limits
What layer of skin do you need to penetrate in order to see blood?
Papillary dermis
A basal lamina
A: is found only under epithelium
B: is never discontinuous
C: Is responsible for limiting the spread of cancer cells
None of the above
Elastin, fibrillin and type II collagen is found where?
Elastic cartilage
(External ear, epiglottis, larynx)
Where do RBC's first enter the blood?
Blood sinuses of the bone marrow
What is osteoid?
Uncalcified bone matrix secreted from osteoblasts
Regenreation of skeltal muscle occurs by?
Mitosis of muscle satellite cells
Which capilarries start as blind ended tubes?
Those of the lymphatic system
The last region of cartilage to disappear in endochondrial bone formation is:
Epiphyseal plate
Sarcomeres are constructed by?
Skeletal muscles have how many nuclei?
How do muscle cells exert a force on bones?
Integrins that span the surface membrane and interact with fibrous molecules in the extracellular matrix
Stratifed squamous epithelium is so named in spite of the fact that:
all of the cell layers are NOT Squamous
What do cartilage cells know that we would like to understand?
How to create conditions that inhibit ingrowth of blood vessels
What is fenestration?
windows or holes
Smooth muscle is simlar to skeletal muscle because:
Use myosin in contractile aparatus
Incapable of cell division
Contain T-tubules

CONTRAST: mononucleated
What type of adipose tissure is the most common form in the body?
Osteoclasts are ______nucleated cells from what precursor?
Multinucleated from blood monocytes
Can schwann cells surround multiple axons without producing a myelin sheath?
What type of muscle cells are branched with more than one nucleus?
Cardiac muscle cells
OF the following, which has a direct blood supply?

hyaline cartilage, upper layers of stratified squamous, osteocytes in outer lamellae of osteons, superficial layer of Dermis, elastic cartilage
the superficial layer of the dermis
What cells in the intima of B.V.'s are actively involved in controlling blood clotting?
Endothelial cells
What is the order of lymph flow throught the sinus of a lymph node?
Subcapsular --> Peritrabecular --> medullary
What is the primary function of B-cells?
Synthesis and secretion of Ig's
What is the predominant cell type in the connective tissue proper?