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What are the special characteristics of epithelial tissue?
1. Cellularity
2. Specialized contacts
3. Polarity
4. Supported by connective tissue
5. Avascular, but innervated
What are the types of epithelium?
a.stratified epithelia
b.simple epithelia
c.squamous cells
d.cuboidal cells
e.columnar cells
f.transitional epithelium
What is the function of endocrine glands?
Endocrine glands secrete hormones inside the body, and eventually lose their ducts.
What is the function of exocrine glands?
They excrete waste products outside the body.
What are the types of exocrine glands?
-simple tubular
-simple compound tubular
-simple alveolar
-simple branched alveolar
-compound tubular
-compound alveolar
-compound tubuloalveolar
What are the individual characteristics of conective tissue?
1.Common glands
2.Degrees of vascularity
3.Extracellular matrix
What are the structural elements of connective tissue?
-Ground substance
-hematopoeietic stem cells
-white blood cells
-plasma cells
-mast cells
What are the types of connective tissue cells?
-Connective tissue proper
-loose connective tissue
-dense connective tissue
-dense regular
-dense irregular
-Bone(osseous tissue)
-Nervous tissue
-Skeletal tissue
-Cardiac muscle
-Smooth muscle
What are the three steps of tissue repair?
1.Inflammation sets the stage
2.Organization restores the blood supply
-granulation tissue
3.Regeneration and fibrosis effect permanant repair