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What is the function of Simple Squamos?
Filtration, diffusion, osmosis
What is the location of Simple Squamos?
Air sacs of lungs, walls of capillaries, linings of blood and lymph vessels.
What is true about intercellular material?
It is secreted by the tissue cells.
What is true about epithelial tissue?
Has no blood vessels because it gets ints nutrition from connective tissue.
Tendons connect what to what?
muscle to bone
Ligaments connect what to what?
Bone to bone
What is part of the intercellular substance cartalidge?
A connective tissue that can become detached and move about is ______________

which is in the blood stream and in connective tissue. It eats the viruses and bad stuff in your blood.
Simple Cuboidal funtion and location?

Surfaces of ovaries/linings of kidney tubules
Stratified Squamos location and funation?

Outer layers of skin, linings of mouth cavity
Trasitional location and function?

INner linings of bladder and in the urinary tract
Loose connective tissue location and function?
Bings organs together

Beneath the skin, between muscles
Adipose tissue location and function?
Isulation/Storage of fat

Around kidney, skin, eyeballs, on heart.
Dense connection tissue location and function?
Bings organs together

Tendons, ligaments, deep layer of skin
Ellastic Connective tissue location and function?
Elastic quality

Between adjacent vertebrae, walls of arteries and airways
Reticular connective tissue function and location?

Walls of liver, spleen
Hyaline Cartalidge function and location?
Support, protection and framework

End of bones, nose and rings in walls of respiratory passages
Elastic Catalidge funtion and location?
Support, protection, provides a flexible framework

ear and part of larynx
Fibrocartalidge function adn location?
Support, protection, shock abosorption

Between boney parts of backbone Pelvic girdle, and knee
Bone function and location?
Support, framework

IN THE BONES.....duh!
Skeletal is (involuntary/voluntary) and has (one/many) nuclei per cell
Smooth is (involuntary/voluntary) and has (one/many) nuclei per cell
Cardiac muscle has _______ movement
What are the dominant fibers in loose arealor?
thick collagen/white fibers
What is the thickness of loose arealor fibers?
It is the thickest.
What is the thickness of reticular fibers?
In elastic cartilidge what is the name of the space in the cell.
In simple columnar, what secretes mucus?
Goblet cells