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describe respir epithelium
pseudostratified columnar:
-ciliated columnar
difft trachea, bronchi
trachea have C cartilage, sm m, mucus glands, and respir epithel
bronchi is when >1mm w cartilage plates
epithel of mem/terminal bronchioles
simple columnar:
-ciliated columnar
-secretory Clara
no glands
no cartilage
no goblet
respir bronchioles
cuboidal epithel one side, alveoli on other
give rise to alveolar ducts
name order of respir tree
mem/term bronchioles/acinus
respir bronchioles
alveolar ducts
what basal cell in respir
stem cell
TRH modulates what other hormone
inhibits prolactin (much less strong compared to DA)
key diff of LI as compared to SI
mucosa is flat
lots goblet
Paneth cells proximally
taenia coli-discontinous muscularis propria distally
name the degrees of folding in the SI
-plicae (Keckring's, evag of mucosa and submucosa
-villi (evag mucosa)
-crypts (glands of Lieberkuln, invag mucosa)
-microvilli (apical evag)
describe structure microtubules
13 protofilaments, alpha/beta heterodimer
add on beta end "rescue"
subtract on alpha end "catastrophe"
describe centrosome
2 perpendicular centrioles. 9 bundles of 3, sphere protein=pericentriolar protein, MTOC of tau and gamma tubulin
have actin bundled core, used to increase SA, no basal body
molecular motors (2)
kinesin move to + (exocytosis=anterograde)
dynein move to - (bring vesicles back, endosome=retrograde)
structure cilia
axoneme with 9 peripheral dblts of microtubules (continuing from basal body), 2 singlets
important components cilia
dynein, an ATPase for movement,
nexin=elastic band
C1 proteins
bridging proteins
describe mvmt cilia
power bend 1,9 direction, recovery 4,5,6
name golgi tasks
-distrib to PM, lyso, sxn vesicles
-modifies N oligo on Asp
-adds O-oligo to Ser and Thr
-assembly proteoglycan
-sulfation of sugars in proteogly
-add mannose 6P->lysosome
I cell dz
failure addition mannose6P so they are secreted outside of cell instead of to lysosome
-coarse features, restricted joint movement
ciliated cells extend how far in respir? goblet?
ciliated to respir bronchioles
goblet to terminal bronchioles
ex cells rich in RER
mucus secreting goblet cells of SI, Ab secreting plasma cells
ex cells rich in SER
liver hepatocytes, steroid hormone producing cells of adrenal cortex
layers of adrenal and their products
Fasciculata=cortical, sex
Reticularis=sex (androgens)
describe Peyers patch
SI LP, submucosa. covered by single layer cuboidal enterocytes (no goblet) with M cells that take up Ag. Activated B cells->IgA secreting plasma
name 3 parts LN
follicle, medulla, paracortex
describe follicle of LN
site B cell prolifer, outer cortex have primary follicles that are dense and dormant, 2 follicles have pale central germinal centers and are active
function LN
nonspecific filtration by macrophages, storage/prolifer B/T, Ab production
describe medulla LN
medullary cords (lymphocytes/plasma cells) and medullary sinuses communicate w efferent lymphatics and contain reticular cells and macrophages
paracortex LN
Houses T cells. bw follicles and medulla, w endothelial venules through which T and B cells enter from blood. enlarges in viral infxn. not well developed in diGeorge
describe overal structure and blood supply LN
encapsulated with trabeculae, contains follicles and medulla with paracortex inbw
what's PALS
periarterial lymphatic sheath (T cells) seen in the spleen
where B cells in spleen
in follicles in white pulp
describe sinusoids of spleen
long vascular channels in red pul w fenestrated "barrel hoop" BM, macrophages nearby
describe sinusoids of liver
irregular capillaries with pores 100-200nm. No BM. access to liver thru space of Disse
layers of skin
corneum, lucidum, granulosum, spinosum, basalis (some Ca like sweet bananas)
diff bw Meissner and Pacinian corpuscle
Meissner=small encapsulated in dermis palm, soles--light discriminitive touch in hairless skin
Pacinian=large encapsulated sensory in deeper layers of skin at ligaments, joint capsules, serous membranes, mesenteries. for coarse touch, vibration, tension
tactile disk that mediates light, crude touch
contents of bony labyrinth
cochlea, vestibule, semicircular canals