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Describe the Lumen, Folds, Cell types and muscularis found in the Infundibulum/Ampulla region of the Oviduct.
Wide Lumen
Numerous Mucosal folds
Ciliated cells (simple columnar)
Thin muscularis
Describe the Lumen, Folds, Cell types and muscularis found in the Isthmus/Junctura region of the Oviduct.
Narrow Lumen
Few mucosal folds
Secretory cells
Thick muscularis
What is the role of ciliated cells of the oviduct?
Transport ovum from ovary to ampulla
Where is the site of fertilization?
Ampulla of oviduct
What is the role of the non-ciliated cells of the oviduct?
To nourish and support cleaving ovum
What happens to secretory epithelial cells of the oviduct under progesterone influence?
Peg Cells: They become smaller with apical nuclear bulges.
What is the inner layer of the uterus called?
What is the outer layer of the uterus called?
What are the two layers of the Endometrium?
Inner Functionalis (sloughed off each cycle)
Outer Basalis (retained each cycle)
What are the modified fibroblasts that surround spiral arteries called?
pseudodecidual cells
What kind of epithelia is found in the portio vaginalis?
The outer portion of the cervix that bulges into the vaginal canal is covered with non-keratinizing stratified squamous epithelium
What do cells of the vaginal epithelium due during the menstrual cycle?
thicken and desquamate due to estrogen stimulation
What are the layers of the epithelium lining the vagina and portio vaginalis?
from least to most differentiated:
superficial squamous
What would you expect to see on a pap smear under high levels of estrogen?
well-developed superficial layer
Pap Smear Day:
1-6: clumped intermediate cells
6-14: Blood disappears, intermediate -> superficial cells
14-24: Numerous intermediate w/ clumping (folded)
24-28: Squamous cell w/ degeneration (dirty)
What is unique about a prepubertal pap smear?
Predominantly prebasal cells
What is unique about a pregnant pap smear?
Presence of Navicular Cells (boat shaped, yellow glycogen deposits)
What is unique about menopausal pap smear?
"crowded appearance"
Pap Smear High Follicular Phase
Superficial Cells
What is this?
What are Herring Bodies?
collections of partially degraded neurosecretory granules in Pas Nervosa
How do you differentiate sertoli cells?
non-round nuclei
How do you recognize efferent ductules?
Simple columnar
Undulating Epithelium
How do you recognize epididymis?
Larger than Ductule
Not undulating
Large stereocilia
How do you recognize the vas deferens?
Three layers of smooth muscle:
Inner Long.
Outer Long.