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Locations of Squamous Epithelium.
-Lines the air sacs of lungs
-Forms the walls of capillaries
-Lines the insides of blood and lymph vessels
-Covers membranes that line body cavities
Purpose of Squamous Epithelium.
Aides in diffusion and filtration.
Location of Simple Columnar Epithelium.
-Lines the uterus & most organs of the digestive tract.
Function of Simple Columnar Epithelium.
-Secrets digestive fluids
-Absorbs nutrients from digested food.
Location of Ciliated Columnar.
-Respiratory System
-Reproductive System
Purpose of Ciliated Columnar Epithelium.
-Trap particles of dust & microorganisms that enter with the air.
-Move the mucus and it's captured particles upward & out of the airway.
-Aid in moving sex cells from one region to another.
Location of Cuboidal/Germinal Epithelium.
-Covers the ovaries
-Lines most of the kidney tubules & ducts of certain glands(salivary glands, thyroid gland, pancreas & liver)
Purpose of Cuboidal/Germinal Epithelium.
-Secretion & Absorption(kidneys)
-Secrets glandular products(glands)
Location of Stratified Epithelium.
-Forms the outer layer of the skin.
-Lines the throat, mouth, vagina, & anal canal.
Purpose of Stratified Epithelium.
-Prevents water & other substances from escaping from underlying tissues
-Blocks various chemicals & microorganisms from entering.
Location of Endothelium Epithelium.
-Forms the inner lining of blood vessels & heart chambers.
Purpose of Endothelium Epithelium.
-Aids the flow of blood & lymph.
-Helps prevent blood clots.
Location of Skeletal Muscle
-Muscles that attach to bones.
Function of Skeletal Muscle.
-Allow us to move the head, trunk, & limbs.
-Allow us to make facial expressions, write, talk, sing, chew, swallow, & breath.
Location of Smooth Muscle.
-Walls of hollow internal organs.
-Blood vessels.
Function of Smooth Muscle.
-Moves food through digestive tract.
-Constricts blood vessels.
-Empties urinary bladder.
Function of Cardiac Muscle.
Pump blood through chambers of heart and into blood vessels.
Function of Aerolar Connective.
Binds skin to muscles.
Function of Adipose Connective.
Cushions joints and some organs(kidneys).
Location of Cardiac Muscle.
Location of Aerolar Muscle.
Between skin & muscles.
Location of Adipose Connective
Surrounds Kidneys.
Location of Hyaline Cartilage Connective.
-Ends of bones in many joints
-End of nose
-Supporting rings of the respiratory passages.
Function of Hyaline Cartilage Connective.
-Forms structural models for many developing bones.
Location of Tendon Connective.
-Tendons, which are between muscles and bones.
Function of Tendon Connective.
Aids in moving of the bones.
Function of Ligament Connective.
Allows bones to move easily without hitting each other.
Location of Ligament Connective.
Ligament, which are between bones and the joints.