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Muscle tissue types
Skeletal muscle fibers-strong, quick, voluntary, banding pattern, actin/myosin (sliding filament theory), organization(epi/peri/endo-mysium)

Cardiac-strong, quick, continuours, involuntary, similar contractile, diff cell-geometry and organization

smooth muscle-weak, slow, involuntary, actin/myosin in non-ordered arrays, diff org/method of contraction
Skeletal muscle cell Membrane
-outer membrane-indentations (T tubules)
-whole plasma membrane covered with basement membrane
-satellite cells-under the basement membranes = PROGENITOR CELLS-if muscle cell dies, progenitor cell grow->new cell
-DYSTROPHIN molecule link cells together; defects = muscular dystrophy (MD)
endomysium-seperates muscle fibers
perimysium-wraps bundles of muscle fibers
epimysium-covers muscle
skeletal muscle cells
-every skeletal muscle cell has one nerve cell
-multinucleated b/c they are composed of several cells, coupled together to form a SYNCYTIU
-calcium source = sarcoplasmic reticulum
-spots seperating banding muscle fibers
-dark area=nucleus
a-band (DARK) thick, H in middle
I-band (LIGHT) thin, zin middle
actin, topomyosin, troponin-all coiled together

troponin-3 subunits (Tnc is important), covers binding site for myosin head on actin fil. Until Ca binds Tn-c.

A-band doesn't change
H,I,total sarcomere change.
nerve may attach at only one point, but signal will spread to whole muscle

Two ACh molecules to one receptor to open it
know diff b/w dark and light muscle
Cardiac Muscle
-nucleus in central sarcoplasm
-intercalated disks-connect cardiac muscle cells, dark lines, perpendicular to the long axis
-myofibrils-less well-organized than skeletal muscle cells
-distinguish single cardiac myocytes
-sarcoplasmic reticulum-less extensive, Ca2+ comes from extracell space, T tubule membranes, and SR
cardiac pictures
fascia adherens-binding site for actin (FA+desmosome transmit cell from one force to next

***Cardiac muscle cell have gap jxn's, skeletal do not
smooth muscle
-spindle-shaped cells
-gap junctions

-inact.=coiled myosin, act.=atp uncoils myosin->contraction, myosin not ancord

-dense bodies connect contractile filaments, which are attached to the walls of the cell inside, the cell twists when it contracts