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Anything the people order or establish
lex Valeria de Procatione
established the right of appeal
be proactive and appeal
12 tables
written by decemvirate; strict laws; legal classes set
lex Valeria Horatia 449
plebiscita valid with approval of patres
hooray w/o times ten
lex Canuleia 445
allowed plebeian/patrician marriage
annul what?
lex Licinia Sextia 367
Plebeian can be a consul; includes final definition of a patrician
lex Genucia
One consul has to be a plebeian
generous b/c...
lex Poetilla
nexum abolished
showed struggle of orders: rich people who wanted to be part of aristocracy
poets in debt would like this
lex Publilia
any law needs Senate approval
lex Ogulnia
priestly colleges opened to plebeians
lex Hortensia 287
plebiscites binding without approval from the Senate;
ends struggle of orders
hooray times 10