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Niccolo Machiavelli argued that...
...a prince serves only the interest of the state.
The Council of Trent took the position that... & good works were required for salvation.
The witchcraft craze in the 1500s to 1600s were...
...exclusively a big-city phenomenon.
A contemporary ruler to Louis XIV:
China's Kangxi
European links to the rest of the world included the...
...trip of the Polo family to East Asia in the 1200s.
Spanish possessions in the New World were initially divided between...
As a result of their empires in the New World & Asia, England....
seized Greenland from Denmark.
Portuguese control of the spice trade was ended by...
...the establishment of the British & Dutch East India Companies.
In Spain's New World Empire, the Spanish monarchy with agreement from the papacy...
...had extensive powers over church activities in the Americas.
Chances of Europeans living longer in the 1500s were...
...were improved if they did not go to Africa or the West Indies.