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an italian sea captian that led a voyage of exploration. explored the west indies and the carribean
de gama
sailed across the southern africa and continued to india
sailed across the pacific ocean to tell the spanish how wide it was. led first expidition to sail around the world
a spanish leader who took advantage of montezuma's invintation
aztec emporer who rules over much of mexico
was a spanish conquistador, conquer of the inca empireapital of peru
la salle
explored the great lakes and reached the mouth of the missisdsippi
explored the east coast of north america
an english sailor who sailed for the dutch, he sailed up a river that's now called the hudson river. explored east coast of africa and the hudson bay.
anne hutchinson
a puritant who questioned the puritant ministered about god and then was banished
william penn
founded pennsylvania in 12682 for religous and political reasons
roger williams
a puritant who challenged the leaders of massachusets bay. founded road island in 1636 for religious freedom
james oglethorpe
a respected english soldier and energetic reformer, who founded georgia i 1732
thomas hooker
founded connecticut in 1636 for trade, religious and political freedom
lord baltimore
sir george clavert son that took on his work after he died. his work was to build colonies where catholics could practice religion freely
joseph brant
helped persuade he iroquois nations with britain in their struggle with the french
patrick henry
became known as a violent critic of british politics
paul revere
along the road to lexington he warned residents that "the british are coming"
samuel adams
he was a faiure on buisness and poor at public speaking and he's good at organizing people, and he knew how to work behind the scenes
he traveled widely urging the indians to organize and remove the europeans he likely fought against braddock in 1755
james wolfe
took quebec the apital of new france
ben franklin
in 1751 franklin was elected to the pennsylvaia assembly, thus begining nearly 40 years as a political official
john adams
a skilled lawyer
william pitt
a bold leader who became head of the british government
john hancock
forst to sign the declaration of independance
george washington
a leader who had many defeats in the french and indian war
francis marion
of the south led british the frustrations
john paul jones
most daring captian won the battle of bonhomme richard in september 1779
thomas paine
wrote common sense argued against the colonist about thier independance
comte de rochambeau
combined his army with lafayeete in virginia
ethan allen
a blacksmith known for his fierce temper foloowed his course of action rather than talk
benedict arnold
betrayed the colonist and joined the europeans
george rogers clark
led virginia frontier fighters against the british in the ohio valley
richard henry lee
of virginia offered a resolution atating that "these united colonies are and of right ought ot be free and independant states"
brought and trained soldiers to help the patriot cause
thomas jefferson
wrote the declaration
admiral de grasse
in 181 he sailed to the mouth of the chesapeake bay. after a naval battle with admiral thomas graves in september of 1781, took control of chesapekeake bay