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the invention of...made newspapers cheap for most people to afford
the rotary press
name two of europes major sources for food
name two inventions that led to the production of cheaper clothing
sewing machine, power looms
the steam ingines most import source of fuel was..., it was quickly put to use in...
coal, textiles
in 18800...of europe grew food. by 1900 it shrank to ..., in ... it was only 8%.
75%, 50%, England
mass-circulated newspapers played an important role in provoking all but one of the following
napoleans invasion of Italy in the 1790s
name an invention that made it possible to produce images cheaper
during the 19th cen. european agriculture
suffered no widespread famines
by the end of the 19th cen. paris and london had
replaced coal with less polluting fuels
by the end of 19th cen. european naval forces were
using radar
in the course of the 19th cen.
poland won its independance
among the achievements of the positivists and saint simonians were
the organization of mass labor unions
which of the following countries did not experience revolution from 1900-1914
france did not fight with ..., prussia did not fight with...
prussia, france
in 1800 ... of worlds pop. lived in europe. ... of worlds pop wonsisted of europeans
20%, 30%
in ... universal male sufrage came before social legislature. in ... social legislation was passed on gov. own intervention
France, Germany
the romantics
repudiated such eighteenth century thinkers as rousseau
germany was able to influence ..., Italy aquired colonies in areas like ...
turkey, africa
political leaders such as ... in france and ... in germany enacted programs of social legislature as a way of defusing radical demands
napolean III, Bismark
became europes most influential doctrine of social reform by the mid 19th cen.
the following industries made important contributions to the development of the first airplane except
the electronics industry
the public schools that developed in the last third of the nineteenth century were
open to both males and females
darwins theory on the ecolution of species by means of natural selection
argues that evolution proceeds towars a purposeful goal.
socail darwinism
was supported by the generally high standards of fitness and health in the industrialized nations.
name two sports that the british spread throughout europe
soccer, rugby
the theory of the nation state assumed that
the roman catholic church was the one true religion
peasants became reconciled to schooling because
literate children were miore likely to remain in the countryside to help parents
the migration of great numbers if peasants to work in factories
was slowed by the improvement of education in the countryside
in the second half of the century, the increasing, amount of liesure time avaliable to the working class
sharpened the differences between city and countryside
in the last third of the 19th cen., organized sports were
thought to be good for burning up energy that might have been spent in violence and crime.
which of the following fought on the side of the victores in WWI
in 1917, lenin and bolshevik were winning popular support by promissing
to honor czarist war debts
the league of nations
was principally concieved by an american statesman
in 1939, england and france went to war over germanys invasion of
fighting did not begin till 1940
but england and france were still unprepared for hitlers armor attack
in 1920s, the savings of the german middle classes were wiped out by
once war had broken out in 1939, hitler
gave orders for the extermination of the terminally ill and chronically insane
hitlers racial theories
were based on the idea that the weaker ought to be destroyed in the struggle for life
germany was finnaly defeated by
the overwhelming numbers of allied manpower and material
hitler enjoyed striking early successes ub the
counterattack against the allied invasion of Normandy
the european coal and steel community which included ...and... was a forerunner of ... which established a common market in western europe
germany, france, european economic community
europe and north america account for less tha .. of the worlds pop. but produce ... of its income
among the economic problems faced by developing nations
is that the greatest amount of trading takes place between industrialized nations and develoing nations
at the end of WWII... and... were two countries divided between communist and non communist regimes
germany, korea
which was not part of the US strategy to consolidate or protect its power in europe
guarantees of protection to hungary and czechoslovakia
the truman doctrine
developed plans for the economic recovery of western europe
to preserve their strenght in western europe, the us and its allies
have insisted that germany remain unarmed
many of the achievements of the nineteenth century are now in serious danger
minority cultures are vanishing
population growth in the third world
had not been matched by a proportionate increase in agricultural productivity
the massive buildup of armaments after WWII
has created a balance of terror between the soviet union and the US
in the history of aviation
the germans made the first military use of airplanes
each of the following men pioneered the production of low priced cars in his country
william morris in england
guglielmo marconi was responsable for all but one of the following achievments
the invention of the phonograph
mark the correct choice
by the mid 1950s an effective vaccine had been developed against polio
all but this one made contributions to the unleassing of atomic energy
watson and crick
the 20th cen. has seen great progress in the control of disease
through improved transportation, which can halt the spread of disease
all but one of the following politicians used the radio as an effective political tool
woodrow wilson
all but this one were considered exceptional luxeries in western europe until after WWI
Regualar postal service
all but one of the following are important signs of the amancipation of women in the 20th cen.
the fact that women now earn as much per capita as men.
all but one of the following developments have created anxieties among the general public about the dangers of scientific investigation
the use of sulfa drugs