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What were some other troubles that Buren faced?
rebellion in Canada that almost caused war w/ britain,ppl faught over annexation of TX, huge depression left by Jackson
What were the causes and effects of the Panic of 1837?
causes:OVERSPECULATION(land,roads,canals,slaves),Bank War,Specie Circular,grain failures(prices cut in 1/2),failure of 2 british banks Effects: tons of banks collapsed,unemployment,commodity prices dropped public land sales went down,custom revenues dried up,factories closed
What did the Whigs propose to help with the Panic of 1837? what did Van Buren do? What were the pros and cons of this? what did the whigs and democrats think of it and why? What was its official name?
Whigs:expansion of bank credit,higher tarrifs,internal improvements Van Buren: Divorce Bill:completely seperating banks from gov,cuz he thot that some of the crisis came from putting fed $$ into private,wildcat banks.he'd put extra gov $$ into vaults in big cities. Pros: $$ was safe Cons:available credit resources were gone.Whigs: hated cuz it lost hope of new BUS. dem: only sorta liked it. the Independent Treasury Bill
Who did the Mexicans give land rights to in Texas and what were the stipulations? Were these rules followed?
Steven Austin got permission to bring 300 families over as long as they were Roman Catholic and became Mexicanized. NoPe!!
What were the issues that caused more conflict between the Mexicans and the Texans? what was the final straw to make Texans declare independence?
SLAVERY(mx didn't allow it,but ppl kept bringing more and keeping them),local rights,immigration,when Austin tried to negotiate w/ Santa Anna,he jailed him for 8 mon FINAL STRAW:Santa Anna took all local rights and sent armies to stop Texans
Who was the leader of the Lone Star State,what did Santa Anna do,and name some losses for the Texans.
Sam Houston,Santa Anna sent armies to whooop em up, at Alamo,(Travis said victory or death..),and Goliad.
Name the winning battle for the texans, who was the leader, the two treaties signed. Why did this create a sticky situation for US?
Sam Houston won at San Jacinto, They withdrew troops and recognized tx independence stickyness:US was sposed to stay neutral,but public wanted to help TX,TX wanted annexation, but N was scared it was just to bring slavery
In the election of 1840, who was running for the dem. and Whigs,and describe the Whig runner.
Dem:Buren Whig: Harrison:known for success on battles agnst brit and indians,no problems or enemies
What did the Whigs do to get Harrsion to win the election in 1840 and what symbol did they take and why? What reputation did this give to Buren? Was Harrison really poor? WHO WON??
they didn't use a political platform to avoid namecalling, and a dem editor dissed harrison saying he should be happy w/ a log cabin and a glass of cider, so they took up the symbol of cider, appealing to W. and made Buren look like an aristocrat.Harrison was NOT poor, he was in the First Families of VA. HARRISON WON!!!
The election of 1840,between buren and harrison showed what political changes since the Era of Good Feelings?
What were the differences between Whigs and Dem.? How were they alike?
the common ppl were majority, so politicians had to look the part. 2nd:making of the 2party system.Whig:harmony of society,value of community,used gov to reach goals,and hated politicians who had too much self interest,BUS,tarrifs,internal improvements,public schools,moral reforms(liquor/slavery) Dem:loved libery of individual,agnst "privelage",states rights,fed restraint of social and economic affairs ALIKE:both tried hard to get voters and made compromises w/in each party