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What country controlled the slave trade coming out of Africa in the 1500's?
The most important event to a Spaniard living in 1492 was?
The defeat of the Moors at Grenada
4 Prerequisites to become a nation state?
Centralized Power
Martin Luther believed what?
Bible was infallible
All believers were priests
Justification by Faith
Catholics believed what?
Pope is infallible
Ordained priests
Justification by rituals, sacrements,
John Calvin believed what?
God is omnipotent
Anti - Priest
Who became the symbol of English nationalism and Protestantism after the defeat of the Spanish Armada and unifying the church of england?
Discourse on Western Planting
(false image of western planting - like all was great and rosy)
Richard Hakleuyt
Who started Roanoke and it failed?
Sir Walter Raleigh
Who brought prosperity to the Virginia colony by producing tobacco?
John Rolfe
Maryland was founded by the Calverts as a santuary for persecuted ?
Most workers in the Chesapeake were ? servants who came over under the head rights system and paved the way for future slavery?
Difference between separatists and puritains?
Separatists - wanted to separate from the church of england - settled plymouth

Puritains - wanted to purify the church of england - settled mass bay
Who envisioned "City on a Hill"?
John Winthrop
The Mayflower Compact is an example of govt by?
the consent of the people - agreement by the people
What was at the center of Puritan community, towns, and religion?
At the end of the Commonwealth period, what event brought Charles II to the throne in England
Stuart Restoration
Though founded by friends of the king who became proprieters, the southern part of Carolina was dominated by?
New York was taken by England by whom?
The Dutch (Holland, Netherlands)
What was one of the causes of King Phillip's War
Indians that had looted from the settlement were shot.
Bacon's rebellion against Gov. Berkeley was a conflict between what classes of people?
Old Rich and New Rich
The Navigation Acts were enacted to weaken the economic influence of ? on the English colonies?
The Dutch
What event broght William and Mary to the English throne?
Glorious Revolution
The shared result in King Phillip's War, Bacon's Rebellion, and the Navigation Acts was?
Englands way to gain more control over the colonies. The Crown felt a growing need to step in and control things their way since they were not pleased with the colonies.
Parts of English and Colonies govt
Monarchy King Governor
Aristocracy House of Lords Upper House
Common People
House of Commons Lower House
Which part of English govt controlled England?
Which part of English govt controlled the colonies?
Common People
Who believed govt existed to protect the rights of people in a civil state?
John Locke
Who controlled North Carolina?
Protestants and Hugenots
Who believed Govt by law that protects the people. Rule of Law?
William Blackstone
Name the Great Awakening Prechers
Theodore Frelinghuysen
Gilbert Tennant
Jonathan Edwards
George Whitfield
Great Awakening preachers believed what about the following?

The Universe
Omnipotent, justice, widsom, good

fallen, needed redemption

miracles, whimsical