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William Penn
a rich quaker (which is a contradiction itself) who wanted to create a land for those being religiously and intellectually harassed.
received land from Charles II and set up Pennsylvania.
It was successful bc it was started late so it could rely on more ested colonies and had good relations with indians
religious group that rejected religious and earthly hierarchies.
radical egalitarianism: mean and women are spritual equals.
Went to Pennsylvania founded by William Penn looking for religious freedom and toleration
beads made from shells that were highly valued by the indians
became currency upon european arrival in Americas
used to trade fur, skins, etc

became a link of commerce btw eur. and N.America
first step towards a universal currency for the colonies
Witchcraft Crisis
After King Pillips War, witchcraft accusations spread mostly in Salem, Mass.
ppl believed the accusations so they could put the blame for failed crops and so public figures wouldn't have to take blame for New England's probs.
King Phillips War
1/10 of able-bodied men in New Eng were killed by King P and Algonquian tribes.
both sides agreed to end the conflict

this was the catalyst to the altered labor force of whites and started to import from africa