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West Country Men
exemplified by Sir Walter Raleigh and Richard Hakluyt,
these were men from England who were very wealthy and wanted to move to Americas (Virginia)

put pressure on the king to put resources into populating America; they felt
this was necessary due to enclosure in England. The importance of these men was
that they led to the colonization of the American colonies.
Sir Walter Raleigh
West country Man that thought you could help probs of enclosure by exporting the poor to work lands for gold/silver, sent 100 colonists to Roanoke

didn't work because they were only interested in riches and assumed that the indians would help them
New way of controlling land in England, Closed lands off and raise sheep rather than letting people rent land to live on.
people were now being kicked of their land, Population shoots up in London, inc. poor ppl. leads to social uprising in Eng.
This leads to the "exporting"
of people to the New World to find work and places to live.
English's first attempt to est a permanent colony.
It was a disaster!
Raleigh picked geographically disasterous place to set up a colony b/c surrounded by swamps and water.
Colonists only interested in riches, and thought they could rely on Indians for help (which was not true bc relations w/ indians deteriorated as they became more greedy)
proved that the generation of quick wealth and settlement of a permanent colony simultaneously were at odds.
Powerful algonquian leader to whom Jamestown owed it's survival
Traded knives/guns for corn/food
He at first thought that the
English could be their allies but the relationship deteriorated. He at first
used them for knives and guns and other resources, but when they had a drought
and nothing to trade back, the English captured Powhatan’s daughter
(Pocahontas), and held her hostage. The importance he had was that he united
the Indian villages and helped Jamestown survive with the foodstuffs they
Daughter of Powhatan who was supposed to "save" cpt john smith from death in the indians plan to get british respect. subsequently captured by the eng, and died in eng after bearing a son.
series of conflict followed