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Great Northern War
1721 - Treaty of Nystadt
Peter I>Charles XII
Battle of Narva 1700 -Swe Victory
Battle of Poltave 1709 -Russian Victory
Grand Alliance
Grand Coalition/ League of Augsburg//Austria, bavaria, brandenburg, england, hre, sweden, saxony...
created 1686, war in 1688, WIlliam III joins 1689
Formed to combat growing power of Louis XIV
Lasts through war of Sp. Succession
Created by Leopard I of HRE
Test Act
1673, Charles II (Covert Catholic) England
Stabilized Protestantism for military + Parliament
Polish land lost to French
Alsace - Louis XIV, League of Augsburg
Lorrence - Louis XIV, after death of Stanilas L.
French Revolution
Monarchy Bankrupt in Frace
Louis xvi beheaded 1793
Radical Democratic Republic replaces monarchy
assault on the Bastille
Bank of England
Natl debt established vs. royal debt
Allows GB power in wars, while France suffers
13 Parlements
provincial law courts in france
staffed by nobility
political obstruction
members could be created by patents of nobility
Bourbon Line
1. Henry IV 1589
2. Louis XII 1613
3. Louis XIV 1643 (Gson Philip V Spain 1714)
4. Louis XV 1715
5. Louis XVI 1743 (Louis XVII dauphin)
6. Louis XVIII 1814
7. Charles X 1824
Mississippi Bubble
Regent Philip, Duke of Orleads + John Law
Joint stock company goes under
Louis XIV hires Cardinal Fluery to Clean mess
Parliament + Noble uprising in France
Crushed by Cardinal Mazerin
“wager” by Blaise Pascal, c.1650
Wagering life in belief of GOD
German Dualism
Austria vs Prussia
Theism vs Deism
Theism- God is Transcendent + immanent
Deism- emphasis on Natural Law
God transcendent, not immanent\ denies miracles, not atheist
God is part of the universe and not transcendent
God is coterminous, coequal w/ universe
God is immanent
Spanish Habsburg Line
Philip I
Philip II 1556
Philip III
Philip IV - daughter Maries Thereze m. Louis XIV France -> mogennaut
Charles II 1665-1700 - Death starts War of Sp. Succession, last spanish Habsburg
contract term for the marriage of Louis XIV and marie Thereze (daughter of Philip IV) stating that Louis may not have claims for the throne of Spain in return for a dowry
Dowry is never paid, leads to war of Sp. Netherlands 1667 (Devolution)
Louis XIV Wars
1. 1667 War of Sp. Netherlands/Devolution - 2yrs
2. 1672 Dutch War - 6yrs
-> Treaty of Nimwegen
3. 1688- War of League of Augsburg -10yrs
-> Treaty of Ryswick
1702 War of Sp. Succession - 12yrs
-> Treaty of Ultretch
->First world war, Queen Annes War
Chambers de Reunion
French court under Louix XIV
made rulings as to which land France owned
Rhineland Church States
Papal electors of Golden Bull
Cologne, Mainz, Trier
Treaty of Nimwegon
Ends Dutch war, ~1680
Act of Union II
1801, Birth of UK
N. Ireland Joins Great Britain
Act of Union,
~1700, Scotland Merges w/ England
During war of Sp. Succession
Treaty of Paris/Hubertisburg
End of 7 years war/French Indian War
Prussia Gains- Silesia, owned by Maria Theresa, Daughter of Charles VI
Britain- Rest of Canada + America East of Mississippi Riv from France
Spain - all land west of Mississippi River
GB + Prussia Winners, France + Austria Losers
War of Spanish Succession
Treaty of Ultretch
Great Britain - Gibraltar + Asciento from Spain
- Hudson Bay, Novascotia, newfoundland from France
Austria - 10 S. Spanish Netherlands, France must renounce support for Jacobites
City controls entrance to Mediterranean
Gained by Great Britain after War of Sp. Succession
Peace of Pyrenees
1659, Temporary treaty between France + Spain
-> war of sp. Netherlands 1667 due to Mogennaut not being paid
Seigneurial Income
Peasants in France could enjoy “lordy” income+ acquire land
Prussian Aristocrat Military
Baltic Barons
German descendents of Tuetonic Knights
Lands of Crown of St. Stephen
Austrian Control
Hungary (muggars)
translavania, croation
Lands of Crown of St Wenceslas
Austrian Control
Bohemia, Morava, Silecia
Elite Turk Muslim fighting force
Young christian boys conversted to Islam
Diet at Regensburg
Perpetual Diet 1663-1806, HRE diet in Regensburg
Ends with Napoleon
Hanovarian Line
1. George I 1714-24
-Descendent of Elizabeth “winter Queen”
2. George II 1724-1760
3. George III 1760-1820, Loses American Colonies
4. George IV 1820-1830
Stuart Line
1. James I 1604-1614 KJV Bible
2. Charles I 1614-1648
3. Charles II 1660-1685 (covert cath)
4. James II 1685-88, Overt Cath, Glorious Rev
5. Mary + William 1688-1702
6. Anne 1702-1714
Act of Settlement
If no english heirs, crown goes to nearest blood living protestant
Result of Hanovarian Line gaining control in 1714
Glorious Revolution
1688 Willian III of Orange (dutch) + Mary overthrow James II in response to birth of catholic Children (stuart Pretenders James III Charles III)
Stuart Restoration
1660 Charles II regains monarchy England
After commonwealth under Cromwell
Ottoman Empire Downfall
1683 Seige of Vienna 2
Prince Eugene of Savoy leads charge against Turks
-architect of modern Austria
HRE Downfall
1. Treaty Augsburg
2. Westphalia
3. Diet at Regensburg
4. Napoleon Bonaparte
Polish Downfall
1. Liberium Veto
2. Szchlactha
3. Lack of Geological Defenses
4. Partitions of poland- 1772, 93, 95
War of Austrian Succession
Great war Mid 18th Century, 3 silesian Wars
Maria Theresa gains control of Austria due to Pragmatic Sanction
Fredrick II of Prussia Invades
Growth of Prussia
1. Brandenburg (Berlin)
2. East Prussian 1618
3. Pomerania 1648 (30 yrs War)
4. Silesia 1763(7 yrs war)
5. West Prussia 1772 (poland Partition)
-West Prussia located in Eastern Prussia
Prussian suburb of Berlin
Castle known as Sans Souci “w/o a care”
”potsdam Giants” elite gaurd of Fredrick William I
Peace of Ultretch
Ends war of SP. Succession
GB gains asciento + Gibraltar
-Hudson, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland
Austria Gains 10 S. Netherlands
France renounce support for Jacobites
Queen Christina, Sweden
Daughter of Gustavous Aldolphus
Took Throne after Gustav died in 1632
Took oath as a King, “Girl King”
1681 “women should never reign”
abdicated throne 1654
was supposed to marry Louis XIV, but instead he married Maria Theresa of Spain
Peter I The Great, Rus
1682-1725, Westernized Russia
St. Petersburg - Window to the west
Holy Bynod- Church under his control
Murder son Alexis - abolished hereditary succession
Shaved beards
vs. Charles XII swe and Old Believers
Charles XII SWE
Meteoric King of North
Battle of Narva 1700 victory
Battle of Poltava 1709 Defeat
last great Swedish King
Sultan Mohammed III
Sultan of Ottoman Turks
Seige of Vienna 1683
Loses to prince eugene of savoy, leopard I, John Sobieski
Stanislas L
one of 2 native polish Kings
Died 1760
1735-38 War of Polish Succession
-given lorraine from Louis XIV
War of Polish Succession
1735-38, Stanislas L
Gained Lorraine from Louis XIV, but had to give back upon his death 1760
George I
1st Hannovarian 1714-24
3 Strikes - Maypole, Elephant, No Speak
1720 South Sea Bubble
-Robert Warpole new Prime minister
-Cabinet Govt Created
South Sea Bubble
1720 in England under George I
John aislabie + 2 James Craggs implicated
Robert Warpole Hired as new PM to Clean up mess
Cabinet Govt established
Cardinal Mazerine
Under Louis XIV
Crushed LaFonde 1650
John Law
Whiz Kid hired by Regent Philip Duke of Orleans
Mississippi Bubble Burst 1720
Philip Duke of Orleans
Regent for Louis XIV 1715-1720
Mississippi Bubble Burst 1720
Cardinal Fluery hired to clean mess
Pierre Bayle
~1700 Father of Skepticism
wrote “dictionary” 18 essays on historical issues
Showed that brightest minds dont agree w/ society
Reason is weak for arriving at truths
agree with Blaise Pascal 1650 French
Blaise Pascal
~1650 wrote Peuseou “wager”
Father of barimetric pressure
French (agree w/ Pierre Bayle 1700)
Rene Descarte
1. Deduction from Aristole syllogism
-General to specific
2. Dualism, Cartesian
-2 substances, mind + body
3. Doubt - doubt existance
-Cartesian Motto, I think therefore I am
-cognito ergo sum
French, c. 1650, vs Sir Francis Bacon England
Sir Francis Bacon
English c.1600
Induction - Specific to general
wrote “novum organum” - Scientific Method
vs Rene Descarte of France
Bernard Boruck Spinoza
d. 1677, Dutch Amersterdam
Jewish lens grinder
excommunicated by rabbi for heresy
father of modern Pantheism
Sir Issac Newton
English d.1727
Calculus (w/ Liebniz)
Universal Law of Gravitation
wrote Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
Galileo Galilie
Italian d. 1642
4 Gallilean Moons of Jupiter
House arrest for Supporting Copericus
Perfected the Telescope
Law of Terristrial Gravitation?
Johann Kepler
German d.1630
Keplers Laws of Celestrial Gravitation
1. Law of Orbits(elliptical)
2. Law of Equal Areas
3. Law of Periods
Built off work of Tycho Braihe
Tycho Braihe
Danish d.1601
Lost nose in duel, “man w/ golden nose”
Hired students to study Coperican Theory + Astronomy
Giovanni Bruno
Burned at stake 1600 for believing space is infinite
Nicholas Copernicus
Polish d.1543
On the Revolution of heavenly spheres
heliocentric Theory
works published 1543
Louis XIV
1643-1715 “sun king”
4 wars, sp. neth, dutch. league augs, sp. succession
letat cest moi “i am the state”
built new city versailles (like potsdam)
Colbert Financial Advisor
1685 Revocation edict nantes
Chambres de reunion
Grandson Philip V Spain
Prince Eugene Savoy
1683 Battles Ottoman Turks
architech modern Austria
Lead austrians in war of sp. succession
Leopard I HRE
Siege of vienna II
formed League of Augsburg under guidance of william III 1686
-spain, sweden, bavana, saxony, palitanate, dutch republic
-William joins 1689
Financial Advisor of Louis XIV
Five Great Farms -tarriff union
economic surge for france
Bishop Bossuet
Believed in absolute monarchy as long as it adhered to will of GOD
Charles VI HRE
Pragmatic Sanction 1713, only one line of heirs recognized as rulers, male
Daughter Maria Theresa given Austria 1740
Austria invaded by Fredrick II
Pope Gregory XIII
1582 Gregorian Calendar
10 days added to october?
Fredrick II The Great
Invades Austria to start war of Austrian Succession
son of Fredrick WIlliam I, son is Fredrick WIlliam II
Takes throne right after Charles VI dies
Overtook lands of crown St wenceslas
George III
3rd Hannovarian, 1760-1820
Loses American Colonies 1776
goes insane
George I
1st Hannovarian 1714-1724
replaces Queen Anne, ending Stuart Line
From elizabeth “winter Queen”
3 strikes - maypole, elephant, no english
1702-1714 6th, final stuart
Annes War - war of sp succession
Parliament house packing
-raises tory from commons to house of lords against whigs
Mary Stuart
marries William III orange, Dutch
Glorious revolution 1688 overthrows dad James II\5th stuart, sister is Anne
James II
Overt Catholic, daughters Mary + Anne
Overthrown in Glorious Revolution
Catholic sons = stuart Pretenders, James Charles
Cannot take throne bc Act of Settlement
Charles II ENG
Stuart Restoration 1660-1685
takes over after commonwealth Cromwell
Constitutional, Limited Monarchy created
Charles I ENG
Divine Right of Kings 1625-1648
1st stuart, beheaded 1649 by Cromwell
Involved in 30 years war and THE english civ war
Fredrick William I
1713 - 1740 “soldier King”\\Doubled Size of army\\Potsdam Giants\\Father Fredrick I, son Fredrick II “the Great”\\His death leads to War of Austrian Succession
Romanov Line
1. Michael Romanov
2. Tsar Alexis 1645-76
3.Tsar Theodore 1676-82
4. Ivan V 1682-96
5. Peter I 1682-1725
6. Catherine 1725-27
7. Peter II 1727-30
8. Anne -1740
9. Ivan VI
10. Elizabeth 1741-1761
11. Peter III 1762 (murdered)
12. Catherine II 1762-96
New Law of Succession
1722 - Peter I The great
No hereditary sucession
Tortured son Alexis to death
Monist Types
Only one kind of substance
1. Materialistic
2. Idealistic
-only mind is real
Czarina Elizabeth
Joins Maria Theresa in 7yrwar
Miracle house of Hollenzollern
Miracle house of Hollenzollern
Dec 1762
Czarina Elizabeth dies on the verge of conquering Prussia vs Fred II
Peter III makes treaty w/ Prussia
Peter III
1762-63, Immature ruler
makes treaty to save prussians in miracle house of hollenzollern
m. Catherine of Anhalt-hertz
murdered in jail by Catherine
Catherine II The Great
wife of Peter III
3 partitions of Poland
Great architect of carving Poland
The Greats List
Alexander 300bc
Charlemagne 800ad
Louis XIV 1643-1715
Fred II 1740-86
Peter I 1683-1724
Catherine II 1763-96
No English Monarchs on list
Capitals of Christiandom
476 Rome RCC falls
1453 Constantinoble falls
Moscow - 3rd rome of christiandom
Native Polish Kings
1. Jan Sobleski 1683
-lifts seige of vienna
2. Stanislaus Goniatowski 1763-93
given kingship by Catherine II
under thumb of Catherine
Hollenzollern Line
1. Fred William Great Elector 1640-1688
-30 yrs war given provence of Pomerania
2. Fredrick I 1701-13
-King after Sp Succession war
3. Fred William I 1713-40
-soldier King, potsdam Giants
4. Fredrick II The Great 1740-86
Brought prussia to pinnacle of power
"sans souci" - w/o a care
"I am the first servant of the state"
help of Junkers
Salic Law
Salian Franks -
no woman could inherit HRE
Diplomatic Revolution 1756
Alliances change in 3rd Silesian War
from PR + FR vs AU + GB
to PR + GB vs FR + AU
Battle of Narva
1700 Charles XII>Peter I
William Pitt
guided GB thru 7yrwar
name used in Pittsburg
Battle of Poltave
1709 Peter I > Charles XII