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What is hirsutism?
The presence of terminal hair growth in a male pattern; it describes a pathologic increased transformation and growth of terminal hair.
What is virilization?
Occurs when other signs of masculinization, including temporal balding, deepening of the voice, clitoral enlargement, and inc in muscle mass are present.
What is vital to sustain the hair follicle?
The dermal papilla, which contains a capillary network.
When does is the total endowment of hair follicles achieved?
Early in gestation.
Are the total number of follicles per unit area different b/w sexes?
No, but it is different b/w ethnic groups.
What is lanugo?
Fetal hair that is short, fragile, lightly pigmented, and easily falls out.
What is vellus hair?
Thin, non-pigmented hair seen in the prepubertal years.
What is terminal hair?
It is coarse, curly, pigmented hair that grows on various parts of the body after puberty.
What is hypertrichosis?
An increased growth of lanugo often assoc w/ malignancies and drug use.
That are the three phases of hair growth?
1. Anagen = active growth.
2. Catagen = begins at the end of the growth phase; the rapidly growing epithelial cells around the papilla (the bulb) shrivel.
3. Telogen = the resting state.
Where is the circulating testosterone production derived from in women?
50% is from glandular secretion (ovary & adrenal gland), and the other half is from extraglandular conversion of androstenedione.
What is the most abundant androgen produced in women?
DHEA = 90% comes from the adrenal gland and 10% comes from the ovary. 100% of DHEA-S comes from the adrenal gland.
What produces SHBG and what influences its production?
It is produced in the liver; estrogen increases its production and androgens decrease production.
Serum levels of what show good correlation with the degree of hirsutism?
3-alpha-androstanediol-G (3alpha-AG) b/c it is a metabolite of DHT that can circulate in the plasma (DHT isn't secreted into the ciruculation)
What is idiopathic hirsutism?
Occurs in women with normal androgen levels and regular menstrual periods. It's thought to be due to increased 5alpha-reductase activity (check 3alpha-AG levels).
What is used as a marker of adrenal function?
DHEA-S b/c it's derived almost entirely from the adrenal gland.
What's the significance of a DHEA-S level greatly increased (>700 ug/dl)?
Suspect an adrenal tumor and order a CT or MRI.
What's the signficance of elevated testosterone in women?
It is usu elevated in anovulatory women w/ hirsutism, but levels greater than 200 ng/dl suggest a tumor.
How long must therapy for the treatment of hirsuitism continue before results are evident?
At least six months.
How does spironolactone work?
It antagonizes the androgen receptor and also blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT.