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Election 48
Democratic Nom.
Election 48
Republican Nom.
Election 48
Dixicrat Nom.
Election 48
Progressive Nom.
Henry Wallace
Election 52-56
Republican & Democratic Nom.
Eisenhower v. Adlai Stevenson
Kennedy's Sec. of State
Dean Rusk
Kennedy's Sec. of Defense
Nixon's Att. General
Nixon's Berlin Wall
Erlichman & Haldemann (chief of staff)
Nixon's Chief of Justice
Warren Berger/William Rehnquist (in later years)
Watergate's Chief Prosecutor
Argibald Cox
Election of 64
Republican & Democratic Nom.
Johnson v. Barry Goldwater
(Johnson wins by landslide)
Right to attorney (despite financial status)
Gideon v. Wainright
Right to have attorney present at all times
Escabedo v. Illinois
Stating of constitutional rights
Miranda v. Arizona
One person, one vote
Baker v. Carr
Represented youth of the 60s, believed govn't can change the world in a positive way
Paul Cowan
Truman's conflicts
-inflation period
-nationwide strikes
-alienates labor unions
but later regains small popularity with veto'ing Taft-Hartley Act
Election of 46
Republican & Democratic Nom.
Dewey v. Truman
(nation shocked. Truman's Whistle Stop Campaign)
Fair Deal
Truman's domestic plan, restricted, distracted by Cold War
Truman's Fair Deal
-full employment
-higher min. wage
-liberal economist (Keynes)
-expanded social security programs
-housing program
Eisenhower's Modern Republicanism
Liberal when it comes to people, conservative when it comes to money issues
Kennedy's New Frontier
-Peace Corps
Kennedy's Assassination date & location
November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas
LBJ's Great Society
-VISTA, like Peace Corps, but domestic
-1st to officially declare war on poverty (reform programs)
-secured foundation of welefare state
-Johnson Treatment (works well with Congress)
Election of 68
Democratic Nom.
Hubert Humphrey
Election of 68
Republican Nom.
Election of 68
American Party Nom.
George Wallace
Nixon's leadership
-for the Silent Majority
-Law & Order
Person who released Pentagon Papers
"Hatchet", Nixon's VP
Spiro Agnew
Employment Act of 1946
-tax cuts
-spending programs
Keynes-massive spending to help economy
Taft-Hartley Act
-limited powers of unions
-restricted weapons made
Mayor of Chicago during Dem. Convention
Ike's Sec. of Treasury
"Voice of America"
Walter Cronkite
JFK's assassin
Lee Harvey Oswald
Oswald's assassin
Jack Ruby
Nixon's Silent Majority
Those who opposed racism and liberalism
Nixon's Law & Order
stopping of riots