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mccrae and costa's theory that there are three major personality traits, which they feel govern the adult personality
NEO model of personality
boredom, self-indulgence, and the inability to contributeto society
the meaning of the gender are changing and becoming more similar
gender revolution
the main goal of this type of marriage is to form and maintain a family
traditional marriage enterprise
the law that lets people get divorced without proving some atrocious act by one of the spouces. in leagl language thisis known as an irretrievable break down of a marriage.
no-falut divorce
sonetimes a couple learns to "tihstand" each other rather than live witheach other. the only activities and interests that revolved around the children.
emotional divorce
levinson's term for the phrase that ususally lasts for five years abd generally extends form 40 to 45.
mid-life transition
the ability to recover form highly stressful situations
seyle's term for the body's physiological responses thatrevfert to their condition during the stage of alarm.
stage of exhaustion
seyle's tern for the body's reaction that is generally a reversal of the alarm reaction
stage or resistance
seyel's tern for a call to arms of the body's defensive forces.
alarm reaction
a set of reators that occur in animals in response to all toxic substances , invovles three stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion
general adaptation syndrome
according to mccrae and costa, ________ , extroversion, and openness to experience are the three traits they found to be stable in middle-aged adult males.
mccrae and costa refer to an index of instability or a predisposition for some kind of breakdown stress as _______
in the srudy of college-educated women's personaliity by stewart ostone, it was learned that their confidencen their personal efficacy _________ with age.
form his studieson women, levinson stated that the stage of women;s developement are similar to the stages for men, but found three women's themes: _________ _________, the traditional marriage enterprise, and the emerging gender revolution.
gender splitting
in his discussion of mid life transition, daniel levinson identifies 4 polarities that are the same of division in the life of middle adult man. these polarities are young/old, destruction/creation, masculinity/femininity, and _____________
trait theorist believe that adults remain basically the same and __________ theorists believe that the adult is constantly changing and evolving.
robert sternberg has argued that teh sucess pf the adult's intimate relationships depends on th elevel of compatibilty of the partners' __________.
love stories
the janus report indicates that the stereotype that people become less ___________ sexually as they age is not supported by the januses' research.
cutler claimed that low_________ levels are associated with decreased sexual interest for women .
new lows were considered to have a _________ effect on women.
one of the most challenging problems facing middle-adult women is that their parents or parents-in-law are now ____________ on them.