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bei sha shen
nourishes LU and qi
stops cough
nourishes ST yin
good for dry itchy skin
nan sha shen
tonifies yin, esp. LU
dispels phlegm
good when you don't want stronger and stickier tonic
good for brochitis
xi yang shen
mildy clears true and false heat
yin def heat following febrile disease
chronic yin/qi def from chronic disease
yang ming stage w/ qi def
tian men dong
tonifies KD and LU yin
clears heat
good for waste and thirst syndrome
good for chronic illness
difficult to digest
mai men dong
tonifies LU and ST yin
nourishes body fluids
moistens LU, stops cough
nourishes HT yin
moistens intestines
promotes saliva
shi hu
tonifies yin, esp. LU and ST
nourishes BF
calms LV
drooling babies due to ST heat
yu zhu
tonifies LU and ST yin
promotes saliva
nourishes sinews
steaming bone syndrome
bai he
tonifies HT and LU yin
clears HT heat
calms spirit
HT yin def leading to palpitations
swelling and skin ulcers
sang ji sheng
tonifies KD yin/essence, LV yin
dispels wind damp bi
calms fetus
hang lian cao
tonifies LV and KD yin
cools blood and stops bleeding
nu zhen zi
darkens hair
tonifies LV/KD yin
benefits essence and vision
good for eye problems
gui ban
calms LV yang rising
cools blood
strengthens sinews
stops uterine bleeding
heals nonchronic sores
nan sha shen
32 year old woman--cough
sticky phlegm
dry cough with sticky mucous
tongue is red with dry yellow coat
tian men dong
41 year old woman--feels thirsty all the time
sips cold water all day long
urinates frequently
chronic low back pain and dry cough
xi yang shen
45 year old man--low energy for several months
low appetite
smokes heavily
tongue enlarge with teethmarks but red with dry coat
xi yang shen
51 year old woman--chronic dry cough
shortness of breath
long term and smokes heavily
mouth, throat, and skin feel dry
mai men dong/yu zhu
58 year old woman--dry mouth, no saliva
feels irritable
bai he/ mai men dong
35 year old man--insomnia
restlessness, irritability, palpitations
tongue is red and dry
sang ji sheng
27 year old--pain in legs
stomach flu with diarrhea
dry tongue
sang ji sheng
55 year old woman--low back and knee pain
gets worse during humidity and rain
knees swollen
pale tongue with white coating