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What kind of edema does Ma Huang treat?
Wind Water Edema like nephritis
Is Ma Huang or Gui Zhi used for deficiency conditions and why?
Ghi Zhi because the person is sweating
What are the 4 Bigs? What do they treat?
Big fever, Big thirst, surging pulse, sweat. They treat wind heat; qi level heat.
Is Zi Su Ye or Zi Su Geng stronger for:
1) releasing ext
2) regulate SP/ST
3) Detoxify seafood poisoning
1) Zi Su Ye
2) Zi Su Geng
3) Zi Su Ye
Which two WARE herbs are slightly warm to neutral? What is the benefit of this quality?
Jing Jie & Fang Feng. They can treat wind cold and wind heat
Which WARE herb stops bleeding? What type of bleeding does it treat?
Jing Jie (must be charred). Excessive menses, hemorrhoids, bloody stools
Which WARE herbs vents wind heat rashes? Which one is better for reddness and which is better for itching?
Jing Jie - reddness
Fang Feng - itching
Which herb is used for chemical poisoning from mercury and arsenic?
Fang Feng
Which herb stops lock jaw, tetanus?
Fang Feng
Which herb is used to release exterior for dampness with body aches, shoulder and neck tightness?
Qiang Huo
Which herb is used for Yang Ming headache and what other herb can you use it with to treat yang ming headaches?
Bai Zhi use with Chuan Xiong
Which WARE herbs open nasal orfices?
Bai Zhi- congestion and headache
Cang Er Zi- only for nasal congestion
Xin Yi Hua -only for sinus infections
Which WARE herbs can be used for heat toxicity skin eruptions with pus? What are some examples of heat toxicity skin disorders?
Bai Zhi used with Jin Yin Hua. carbuncles, boils, mastitis (pain and pus)
Bai Zhi in combination with Huang Bai can treat....?
Both types of leukorrhea:
1) damp heat in lower jiao
2) sp qi xu (thin, clear, no odor)
When using Xi Xin, you should use no more than how many grams?
no more than 3 grams
Which herb release exterior for headaches and body aches?
Xi Xin
Which herb can be used to temporarily relieve pain from toothaches?
Xi Xin
Which WARE herbs are used to warm the lungs for cold in the lungs with sypmtoms of white thin clear foaming phlegm; chronic bronchitis?
Xi Xin and Sheng Jiang
Which herb can be used to warm SP/ST to stop vomiting and nausea? What other herbs are similar in this function?
Sheng Jiang similar to Chen Pi and Zhi Ban Xia
Whcih herbs are used to warm Yang Qi?
Gui Zhi - warm yang qi of chest for pain
Cong Bai:
Sp Yang - watery diarrhea, stomach cramps
UB Yang - urine retention, prostate infecton
Which herb is used to treat damp skin infections? What are some examples of this condition? What other herb is similar in this function?
Cang Er Zi. fungus, eczema, leprasy. Huang Bai
Which herbs treats measles? Which is the best herb for this?
Jing Jie
**Niu Bang Zi
Ge Gen
Sheng Ma
Which herbs warm the lungs?
Xi Xin
Sheng Jiang
Gui Zhi
Cong Bai (althought Gui Zhi is better)
What are the 3 signs of HT heat?
Shen uneasiness
painful urgent bloody scanty urine
cankers, sores in mouth and boils