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What are plains?
an area of flat or nearly flat land
What is a volcano?
a mountain with an opening from which hot lava erupts
What is a bay?
a body of water partly surrounded by water
What is a harbor?
a protected place by an ocean or river where ships can stay safely
What is an ocean?
a large body of salt water
What is a peninsula?
land that is surrounded by water on three sides
What is an island?
a body of land completely surrounded by water
What is matter?
Anything that takes up space and has mass.
What is mass?
The amount of matter in an object.
What is a property?
Any characteristic of matter that you can observe.
What is volume?
A measure of how much space matter takes up.
forces air from the lungs with sudden effort and noise
eager to know
found out
pieces of writing that expresses the writer's imagination
to make believe
kept from knowledge of others
a piece of cloth used to sleep on or under
like better than others
male parent of one's mother or father
an action done many times over for skill
to make ready
contest or exhibition of skill in roping cattle or riding
persons traveling for pleasure
What is a map?
picture of a place
The cardinal directions are:
North, South, East, West
What are the parts of a map?
compass rose
map key
What is an urban community?
a community that has tall buildings and museums.
What is a rural communtiy?
a community that has open pastures and the distance between houses are far
What is a suburb?
A community that is located just outsife of a big city.
What is a mountain?
a pointed land form with steep sides
What is a hill?
a round and raised land form not as tall as a mountain
What is a valley?
a low area of land between mountains and hills
What is a meca?
a high flat mountain that looks like a table
What is a desert?
a very dry place where few plants grow
What is a river?
a large stream of water that flows across land
What is a lake?
a body of water completely surrounded by land