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St John's wot
Hypericum perforatum
indication of SJW?
mild to moderate fomrs of depression.....
Active ingredients of SJW?
flavonids hypericin
Standarization of STW
a. preparations are standardized to the amount of
1. flavonoids (12%) “lavonols, flavones, biflavonoids”
2. hypericin (0.3%)
3. hyperforin (3%)
Ginkgo biloba key componds are:
Terpene lactones and flavonids
Extracts should be free of ginkgolic acids(<5ppm) why?
Cinkgolic acids are responsible for allergic responses
Indication of Ginko biloba
Delay of age-related dementia, inhibit platelet aactivation factor, improve blood flow
Standarization of Ginko biloba
c. Standardization
i. 24 % Flavonoids;
ii. 6 % Terpenoides (ginkgolides, bilobalide)
iii. 5 - 10 % Organic acids (e.g. acetic acid, shikimic acid, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid)
MOA of Ginko biloba
releasing nitric oxide
lincrase microcirculation
decrease blood viscosity
Clinical Studies of Ginko biloba were done :
intermittent claudication
Tinniuts and hearing loss
PAF antagonism
Antioxidant activity
Dose of GB
one tablet containg 40 mg of the extract TID (120mg/day total)
Drug interaction of GB with
APAP, Coumadin, vioxx, desyl: bleeding
SJW induce
CYP3A4 expression
P-glycoprotein expression
Drug interaction of SJW
Digoxin, amitriptyline, SSRI, phenprocoumon, idinavir, cyclosporin...
Dosage of SJW