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Yue ju wan is in what cat?
promote movement of qi=liv, 6 kinds of restaints
Xiang fu tx which type of constranint?
liv qi stag
what form tx ext w-c-d turn to intr h and has stronger funct to release ext. C herb is huang qin/sheng di huang
p= flaot
Jui wei qiang huo t
(9 herb deco)
pt with painful freguent ua, red tongure-greasy coat; Dx/rx?
d-h in lower j
rx=ba zheng wan

er miai san = d/h l extrem =painful le
Danxie gan wan = tx liv/gb stag
pt returns with cloudlly ua. What herb should be added to Ba zheng wan?
bie xie + shi champ pu ( tx turbid d)
what form tx ext w-c-d without interior h?
Qiang huo sheng shi t
what form tx tai yanf/yang ming synd, w-c change to inter h, inter predominate w/ sl ext;s/s no sweat w/ muscle aches, c/f w/ f getting worse w/ frontal ha/eye pain. Stronger funct to cl h/ release muscle layer?
Chai ge jie ji t
da qing long t has severe ext synd w/ sl interior h, strg funct to release ext/promote sweat
what are the common combo in cng er zi san that unblock nasal passage and promote dc?
cong er zi /xin yi hua
tx st yin def h and diab?
yu nu jian ( jade women)
pt with burning painful diff ua and bl, what form?
xiao ji yin zi also tx bl in vomit, cool bl to stop bl
tx h/f in wp or latent smoldering fire in sp, lllip ulcer, dry cracked lips, yellow sclera, thrusting tongue?
xie huang san
tx excess f in liv/gb w/ d-h, cl d-h from the lj, hypo pain itch genitial, red face/eyes
long dan xie gan t
what herb is added to gui zhi tang to make xiao jian zhong t?
yi tang (altose =tx spas abd pain)
what is the appropriate formula for stabbing pain in the head?
xue fu zhi yu t ( most only think of this for angina)
what form tx ha d/t w-c, focus on shao-yang/jue yin ha?
chuan xiong cha tiao san
c=bo he
gen gen/xi sheng guide to lu
what form tx const inter def then catch cold; qi def w/ w-c-d; underlying yin def. s/s severe chills, no sweat, high f, cough rough, heavy sound t-nornal w/ greasy coat p= float/weak?
ren shen bai du san
has two c= qiang huo/du huo
pt gets freguent colds and has sponst sweat what rx will you use?
yu ping feng san (jade windscreen)
Indg= huan qi, fang fenf, bai shu
what form tx early stage w-h with strong cough ( wei level)
sang ju yin
(mulberry leaf/chrysanthemun)
tx lu wind-hj
pt had a stroke 3 mo ago now presents with c/f, ha, congestion, P= float/tight, no sweat, what do you give him?
gui zhi t 1st then da hlluo lou dan 2nd
what form tx painful obst of throat d/t d-h collect in lu, severe swollen sore throat/tonsilitis
yin qiao ma bo san
pt presents with profuse vag dc that is whit or pale yellow no oder, continious fatigue, shinny complexion, t=pale white coat, P= soggy. What is your dx/rx?
dx=sp qi def with d
rx= wan dai t
what form tx w-h with sore throat, toxic heat, p= float/rapid?
Yin qiao san
(honey suckle/forsythis)
also boils/sores
what form tx ha d/t w-h?
ju hua cha tiao san

this is chuan xiong cha tiao san + ju hua
what from tx cont inter def w/ w-c-d, no funct to tonify qi, tx early stage of abscess, reduce abscess stop pain?
jing fang bai du san
tx interior h accum in lu/st, spasmatic cough with y/g sputum, sob w/ nasal flaring, high f, chest pain?
ma xing shi gan t
indg=mh, shi gao, xing ren, zhi gan cao

xie bai san = later stage of smoldering f in llllu wi/ yin fef, f worse in afternoon
tx ht -f transmit to SI, irrit w/ sen of h in chest, lin synd,
dao chi san (guide out the red)
which form is used during menopause?
er xian t (2 immortal dec) tx htn, fort flashes, sweat, nerves, fatuque, insomina, pap, ua diff
what form tx stiff neck w/ w-c, no sweat?
ge gen t
gui zhi t + mh+ ge gen/ with out she ran
what for tx early stage w-h w/ strong cough, vents lu qi?
sang ju yin
tx lu abscess d/t toxic h/p/bl stag obstruct llu, cough with foul smelling sputum tinged w/ bl/pus, toothache?
wei jing t (reed dec)
What is the chief herb ofTian Wang Bu Xin Dan?
Shu di haung
What herbs do you interchange in Si Wu Tang if there are s/s of bl H?
Sheng di huang for Shu di huang
Lie wei di huang has 3 herbs that tonify. What is the action of the other 3 herbs?
What are the tonigying herbs in Liu wei di huang?
Shi di huang, shan zhu yu, huai shan yao
What herb should be added to Bai hu tang with s/s of high F/thirst/sweat but a def pulse?
ren shen
Pt given Gui Zhi Tang for fever, no sweat, floating tense pulse. Sveral days later pt presents with fever, cough, asthma, sweating, wheezing, sob. Now which formula should be given?
Ma Xing shi gan tang
A pt is being treated with Ban Xia Hou Po Tang. The main area of counseling should be directed in what area?
pt being tx with Bai hou wan what should the counseling be geared toward?
Pt being tx with Dacheng qi tang, what should the counseling be geared toward?
pt being tx with Tain wan bu, what is the main concern?
pt being tx with Ban Xia hou po t. In what area of the body is the main problem located?
the formula Fang Feng tong sheng san is in what cat?
Pt has palp, irrit, insomina and tongue ulcer, what form would you use?
Tian wang bu xin dan; also tx noc enuresis and forgetfulness
pt has pal irrit, insomina, dizzy, blurred vision, red tongue? your dx is?
liv/bl def

form to use is suan zao ren t
pt has papl, irrit, insomina, anxiety which occur after f disease. What form would you use?
Huang lian E jiai t
pt vomit after drinking, low abd pain, throbbing sensation below unblicus, ua difficulty; what form would you use?
wu ling san
t presents with low energy, sob, stool normal or loose what is your DX and what form would you use?
dx: sp qi def
form: Buzhong yi qi tang
pt returns with anal prolapse after using bu zhong yi qi t. what herbs should be added to the form?
sheng ma and chai hu (tx rectum/uterus prolaspe)
which herb acts as a guide to the ht?
huang lian
which form contains si jun zi tang?
a) shen hui bai zhu san
b) bu zhong yi qi tang
c) yi gong san
shen hui bai zhu san
pt hx of parkinson for 10 yrs, hands trembling P= thin.rapid. your dx is?
k yin def
Ma huang goes to which ch?
Lu/UB, tai yang ch
which herb enters ht, sp, k, warms yang?
fu zi
which herb tx cloudy lin?
bie xie
which form cl h, promotes ua, unlbocks painful ua?
Ba zheng san
herbs that nourish lu yin are?
bai he/sha shen
what herbs do you add to si ni san to tx breast dist/pms d/t liv stag?
xiang fu/chuan xong/chen pi
pt has increase abd pain before/during menses with c, t-pale with purple spots on side, this white coat, P-deep wiry sl choppy what form would you use?
shao fu zhu yu t
what herb inters liv/gb/ sp/st to cl d-h?
yin chen hao
what form to tx yang edem?
wu pi yin or wu ling san
which herb calms shen tx p, cough, wheese?
bai gu (ginko)
which herb ton sp, astring k, calms she?
lian zi
which form used to cl bl level h?
xi jiao di huang t
tx f, vag bl, black tarry bm, abd dist,t-scarlet p-thin rapid
tx w-c with neck pain?
ge gen t
tx w-c, neck pain, no sweat?
Gui zhi jia ge gen t
raised swellin that has a head but no h/redness and blends into surrounding skin; tongue pale. dx is? Form to use?
dx =yin type localized swelling
form+ yang he t

wu wei xiao du yin -yang type, h/drk red
si miao yong an t= drk red no h
pt with alternate c/f, bitter taste etc you dx and rx is?
dx sho yang stage
rx is xiao chai hu tang
pt with alter c/f, bitter taste + burning diarrhea or constipation your dx/tx is?
dx=shoay yang + yang ming
rx= da cahi hu t
pt presents with dry/black earsdx is?
k essence def
pt on xiao yao wan for pms. returns not much better + breast distension + 5 palm , nite sweats. Dx/RX?
liv qi def w/ yin def
rx us chai hu shu gan san or wu ji bai feng wan
can add mu dan pi/zhi zi fo pms/distention
what herbs should be + to si jun zi t for bloat, dist P?
chen pi, ban xia, sha ren
what herb is used to move qi for breast disten and the breasts are soft?
a) chen pi
b) qing pi*
c) pu gong yin (breast abscess)
which herb is acrid/w, expel wind and stop bleeding?
jing jie
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the function of acrid/pungent herbs?
dispersing/scatter to move
what is the funct of salty herbs?
soften nodules, move bowels
what her is incompatible with ren shen?
li lu and all shen herbs = bai shao and xin xin
what is the funct of Ma xing shi gan t?
faciliate the flow of lu qi, cl h, calm wheeing and direct qi downward
pt has abd pain aggravated by c, ua diff, deep aching and heaviness. t-pale, swolle, teeth marks P thin forceless. Dx/rx is?
K yang def
rx= zhen wu tang (true warrior)
insomina, diarrhea, distension worse w/ c t= red, yellow greasy p= wiry/rapid. Dx/Rx?
complex h/c
rx= bau xia xi xiu t ( may also have dry heaves, vomit, gas, epi focal dist)
which herb enters the sp/liv/k, stops bl and calms fetus?
Ai ye
pt has def c, pale bl, restless fetus?
Jiao ai t (gyn tx pale bl p=thin frailt=thin w coat
which herb tonifies yang qi, calms the fetus, and clams lv yang?
Du zhong ; also prevents miscarriages
Lui wei di huang wan is rep formula for?
lv/k yin def
what form tx stiff neck with sweat?
Gui zhi jia ge gen t
for tx combo tai yand/shoe yin d/t yang wi def of k w/ w-c invasion?
ma huang fu zi xi xin t
tx excess st f, bl gums, foul breath, toothache, constipation?
qing wei san
tx liv oa st, hiccups/belching, severe disten/pain?
zuo jin wan (6:1)
huang lian 6
wu zhu yu=1
tx hot dystentery d/t toxic -d-h in lj, bl greaters then pus, burning anus, tenesmus?
bai tou weng tang

bai tou weng
huang bai/lian/qin pi
tx dys w/ foul stools, no tenemus, ferver, sweat?
dyst+ qi stag= abd dist/bloat,gas
ge gen qin lian t
xiang lian wan
tx steaming bone, severe yin def, later stage w-f diesease where def h follows, hx high f/ now yin f w/ morning coolness, no sweat?
qing hao bie jia t
astemisia annua/soft shell turtle
tx steaming bone with severe yin def?
qing gu san
tx low grade f, nit sweats, dry mouth/bm, drk yello scanty ua, irrit?
dang gui liu huang t
tx summer h/lj d-h, lyn synd, diff ua, thirst, irrit, drains d-h thru ua?
liu yi san (6:1)
hua shi 30g
gan cao 5 g p= soggy
strong purgative tx yang ming fu stage, svere constipation, burning diarrhea/ appy, delirium, convulsions
t=red, y. dry/ throny?
da chen qi t
cook da huang/mang xiao at end of cookin, cook only one time
da huang, mang xiao, zhi shi, huo po
tx 4 bigs + hard bm, ful/disten, remove mang xiao
xiao cheng qi tang
tx yang ming d/o h in st/int, dry + hard bm no focal dist
tiao wei cheng qi t
tx mild constipation w/ gass
hou po san wu t
tx early stage interstinal abscess/ acute appy
da huang mu dan t
tx habitual constipation d/t h/dry in st/li, hard bm, freg ua, posst, need to loisten li, move bm, tx pi synd/sp constraint effect r/r of fluids
ma zi ren wan (hemp seed) xiao cheng qi t + ma zi ren /xing ren
tx constip d/t k yang/qi def, constip with clear copious ua
ji chuan jian
tx constip d/t yin def
zeng ye cheng qi t
tx shao yang stage synd, no gui zhi in this form, h in uterus, altern c/f, hypo pain, dizzy, poor appetite
xiao chai hu t
tx liv qi stag d/t yang qi constraint, cold extremites with warm chest/sighing, cost area dist
si ni san

si ni tang=whole body cold
tx liv qi stag w/ bl stag, pms, dysmenorrhea, ha,t=purple, alt c/f
chai hu shu gan san (bupleurum to spread liv
chai hu is c herb
tx live oa sp or liv qi stag w/ bl def, painful menses, abd d/o, ha veritgo, bitter taste, dry mout.throat, fatigue, reduce appetiite, irreg menses, dist breast t=pale red
xiao yao san (ramblilng powder
tx painful diarrhea not rel9ieved by movement
tong xie yao fang
tx complex c/h in st/it/ excess/deff, must have 3s/s forcal dist, vomit, diarrhea or dry heaves
ban xia xie xin t
tx disharm st/it w severe st qi def, abd dist, vomit w undigested food, some diarrhea, lassitude poor appetite, doesn't want to speak
gan ca xie xin t
tx disharmi st/its d/t h2o/ h, forcal dist, vomit foul food, dry heaves w bad odor, severe loud gass/watery diarrhea
sheng jiang xie xin t
tx ext c/dry, dry cough with white sputum, aversion to cold
xing su san apricot kernal/perilla
tx dry hacking cough with sticky sputum or no sputum
sang xing t mulberry leaf/apricot
tx hacking cough w thirst, scanty sputm, dry mouth, dry heaves, ext w/dry damage lu/st yin, more yin def
sha shen mai dong t glehnia
tx lu/k yin def w/ inter h, dry cough + yin s/s contains zeng ye t
bai he gu jin t lily buld
tx diptheriad/t const lu/k yin def
yand yin qing fei t nourish yin cl lu
tx yin def w/ constipation, has xuan shen, mai men dong, sheng di huang
zeng ye t
tx f/diab, aug qi, gen bf, excessive thirst that is not quenched by drink
yu ye t
tx wb edema/ ext synd,d/t d-water accum, KP= diff ua, scanty ua, vomit immediately after drinking, throbbing around umblicus
wu ling san
tx edema d/t clumping of water/h, h lyn synd, diff ua , f/thirst, desire to drink
zhu ling t
tx edema d/t k yang def w sp yang def severe pitting edema below waist w/ freg ua, cold limbs abd pain worse w/ c, loose bm, t=pale puffy
zhen wu t true warrior
tx yin edema d.t sp yand def, more severe bleow the waist, heavy body sen, loss appet/ loose bm p=mod/soggy t=puffy mosst/greasy
shi pi yin bolster the sp
tx ext w-c w/ inter d, summer h, st flu, full stiff chest pain in epi, c/f, n/v p=mod soggy t= white greasy
huo xiang zheng qi san strg dy action agastache powder to rectify qi
tx lower j d-h in ub, h lyn synd, can't pee, all about ua, drk turbid, scanty, diff, dry mouth can't use for pg d/t mu tong
ba zheng san
tx d-h in lower extremeties, has to show h s/s, scanty ua

thick yellow fould vag dc

atrophy in lj, mumbness or burning ft/knees
10 er miao san (2 marvel
2)san miao san + nui
3) si miao san + yi yi ren
tx cloudy lyn
bei xie fen wing yin
tx wb jaundice, yang type
yin chen hao t
tx local h bi synd, no f, localized red swollen painful bi, worse at nite
gui zhi sho yoa zhi mu t
tx cold extreme d/t yang def/bl def, nourish bl
dang gui si ni tang
tx yin type locaclized swelling d/t bl def
yang he t
tx spasmodic abd pain d/t mj def c yang def
xiao jian zhong t minor construct
yi t
gui shi, bai shaso yao, sheng jiang , da zao, zhi gan cao
tx def c in liv ch/mj, hernia pain, vertex ha, diarrhea, must have some c s/s
wu shu yu t evodia dec

wu zhu yu, sheng jiang, ren shen , da zao
tx sho yin c, collapse of yang qi, very cold extreme, constant desire to sleep, currled up
si ni t

fu zi, gan jiang, zhi gan caso
sudden collapse of yang qi, shen fu t ginseng/prepared aconite
tx sp qi def basic form,
si jun zi t 4 gent ren shen, bai zhu, fu ling, zhi gan cao
liu jun..6 gent sp qi def + d-p
yi gong san (5 gent) + qi stag
xiang sha liu jun (8 ) + d-c/qi stag
tx chr diarrhea w/ undigested food d/t sp wi def, no h s/s
shen ling bai zhu san 9ginseng, poria
tx lu qi/yin def focus lu/ht, chr dry cough, papl, sun stroke, very fatique, profused sweat
sheng mai san gen pulse
ren shen, mai men dong, wu wei zi
tx basic liv bl def, regulates menses d/t chong/ren, cal restless fetus, gyn post lochia
si wu t 4 sub
family tao hong si wu t ,shao yoa gan can t- calf muscle spasms
tx irreg ht beat d/t ht wi/bl def, consumptive d/o, chr dy cough, pal, intermittent/knotted pulse
zhi gan cao t honey fired licorice
tx chr disease or excessive bl loss, ton qi/bl
ba zheng t 8 treasure
si wu t + si jun zi t
tonify liv/k yin def, which group of herbs tonify, which cl h
liu wei di huang w
sh di h, shan shu yu, shan yao toni
mu dan p, ze xie, fu ling cl -h
toni liv/k yin, not sticky, tx menopause, no drain funct,
er zhi wan
tx k yin def w/ f rising, svere yin s/s, semian emision, steaming bones, irrit, this is sticky
da bu yin w
tx livyin def w/ liv qi stag, hypo pain, dry mouth/eyes, blurred vision, chr hep
yi guan jian
basic form to toni k qi/yang, t=pale swollen
jin gui shen qi wan 9k qi pill from golden cabinet

liu wei di h + fu zi/gui zhi
toni mingmen f/true yand, strong funct
you gui wan restore r pill
basic to tx menopausal d/t k yin/yang ef f rising
er xian t

for hot flashes use zhi bai di h w
tx six constrains, stag, qi, bl , d , p, food, fire, depression, hypo pain t= sl purple
yue ju wan escape restain
tx plum pit
ban xia hou po t
focus on liv turn to h w/ bl stag, bitter taste in mouth/ hypo pain
jin ling zi san melia toosendan
tx c-p in lu w/ k qi def, cough whit sputum, freg ua
su zi jaing qi t
tx int p-h stag w/ ext w-c, acute onset, yello p, no sweat, gen ache
ding chuang t
tx st qi reb d/t def c with p stag, n/v, belching, remove dai zhi shi during pg
xuan fu dai zhe t imula /henatute
tx st wi rebl d/t p-h
ju pi zhu ru tan tangerine peel/ bamboo
tx bl stasis in chest/head(ha), stab fixed paain, worse at nite, basic for tx bl stag t=p, p=wiry,
xue fu zhu yu t drive out bl stag in mansion

chai shao yao=invg bl
tx bl stag in h/ head orifices, eyes, ears, nose, mouth
tong qiao hoou xue t
tx sequella of sw-stroke d/t wi/bl def with bl stag, hemiplgia, purple cold limbs, slurred speech
bu yang huan wu t ton yang to restore 5
tx pain d/t bl stasis in abd, epi pain, tx menses
shi xiao san sudden smile

pu huang, wu ling zhi
tx bl stag in uterus/fibroids, mild uterine bl w/ drk purpl bl, immoblile masses, dislike press
gui zhi fu ling w cinnamon twig/poria
tx post partum bl stag w/c in abd, best to give after delivery
sheng hua t eneration adn trans
tx chong/ren def w/ c/bl stasis, irreg menses, dysmenorrhea, drk bl w/ clots, likes warmth
wen jing t warm the menses
basic form to cool bl/ stop bl d/t bl h, any type of bl
shi hui san ten charred sub
tx bloody h llllyn d/t nephritis/stone, pain ua, hx of turbid ua, h or d-h in lj
xiao ji yin zi, use with di yu san for rectal bl/ hemmorrhoid, fresh red, bearing down sen
tx chr uterine bl d/t wi/bl def, heavy menses, thin bl, no clots, spott during pg focus on tonify
jiao ai t
tx wei qi def /lu wi def, spont sweat, easy catch cold, usually no ext synd, allergies
yu ping feng san jade windscreen

huang wi, bai zhu, fan feng
tx nite sweats d/e yin def with inter h
dang gui liu huang t tangkuel 6 yello
tx dawn diarrhea d/t sp/k yang def, abd pain w/ c send, better after bm
si shen w 9 4 miracle

bu gu zhi, wu shu yu, rou dou kou, wu wei zi
tx enuresis/ ua freg d/t k yang def, gd for child
suo quan wan shut the sluice
tx uterine bl d/t qi def
gu chong t
tx chr leukorrhea d/t sp qi def w/ lj d, thin shite vag dc, w/o odors, pale sallow complexion, tired
wan dai t 9end dc
tx shao yang change to yang ming that disturbs shen, p-h misting the ht, papl, anxiety, insomnia, irrit, heavy sen, constipation t=red puffy, y p= wiry rapid
chai hu jia long gu mu li t bupleurum + dragone bone
shen dissturb d/t disharm ht/k w/bl def, insomnia, papl, hard to concentrate, dry bm, nocturnal emission, dream sisturbed sleep, foucus on k
tain wang bu xin dan emperor of heaven to ton ht
irrit/insomnia d/t ht/liv bl def, papl, dry eyes, blurred vision, t=smal, pale, dry, focus on liv, h s/s mild
suan zao ren t sour jujube, sour taste enters liv
shen dist d/t ht/k has more def s/s, diorientation
bai zi yang xin wan biota seed
restless organ d/t ht/sp qi def, crying, hysteria, freg yawning, depress focus on ht yin def
gan mai da zao t licrorice, wheat, jujube
shao yin h synd disharm ht/k later stage of f disease, sonsume ht/k yin, use after fever
huang lian er jiao t coptis/ass hide
tx w-c-d bi synd chr bi w numbness, focus elim ext w/d, invg bl, stop pain
xiao huo luo dan minor inv collat
tx liv w d/t liv yang rising, wind stroke, hemip, deviated mouth, parkinsons, trembling of hands
zhen gan xi feng t sedate liv/ extinguish w
tx liv w d/t liv yang rising, focus htn, facial twitching, has more herbs to cl h, few to nourish yin, tx more excess cond
tian ma gou teng yin gastrodia/uncaria
tx p-h missting the ht causes coma
an gong nui huang wand cal the palace/ cattle stones
tx cough d/t ext w with internal p ret, aversion to w, itchy throat, t= thin white p= mod, float
zhi sou san stop cough
tx htn, menieres, turbid p disturb head/ liv w, epilepsy
ban xia bai zhu tian ma t pinellia, atractylodes etc
tx overeating/ drinking = food stag, hx overeating abd distent, t=greasy curdy

food stag d/t sp qi def, bloating w/ greasy food

food stag w/ qi/d-h staf, bloat, constipatio, diarrhea w/ undigested food
1- bao he wan
2-jian pi wan
3 mu xiang bing ling wan
tx d-p focus uj and mj, cough clear white profuse sputum, easy out, fullness/oppression in chest
er chen t 92 cured
tx disharm of gb/st with p-h, insomnia, agitation n/v, papl , epilepsy
wen dan t warm gb
disharmi gb/st with severe p-h, more restless, irrit, bitter taste
huang lian wen dan t