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in a case of plum pit, usually d/t emotion what form do you use?
Ban xiao huo po
in a case of chest bi synd you need to promote movement of qi, disp clumping
gua lou xie ba bu
in a case where you need to invg bl, spread liv qi, unblock ch you use
xue fu zhu yu t
tx ub w/ bl stag
tao he cheng qi t
tx 6 constraints, qi, bl, food stag, yin, yang, body fluids
yue ju wan
tx qi change to heat
jin ling zi san
case of chr diarrheas, pale, dawn diarrhea w/ watery and undigested food, fatique, mild abd pain, cold extrmeties, frail pulse DX
k yang def w/ insuficent f at the gate of vality
form to tx k yang def w/ k essences def
si shen wan ( 4 mircle pill)
case insomina 1 1/2 yr, DX and RX
yin def of ht/k

rx tian wang bu xin dan
form tx post partum a/ child birth
sheng hua tang
case 2 yr htn, angrey, ha,t=deep red
chuan xiong cha tiao san
what is false about ling gan wu wei jiang xin t and xiao ging long t
former rx tx wc and cong c flluid ret
case fullness in epi, pale, , sob, cough cl h2o sputum
bei mu gua low san
what would you tx with you gui wan
what are the indg in zoou gui yin
goou gi zi, shu di h, sha zhu, fu ling
si wu tang is the basic form tx ?
ton/reg bl, if s/s of bl h change sheng di h for shu di h
case pt yang ming ch still high f, what herb + to bu hu tang
ren shen
case ret h in chest, pt fever greater the chill, now fever, no chills, burning sen chest/diaphram, cough w/ y sputm, thirst, irrit, constipation rx
liang ge san
add at end of cooking what herb
mu xiang
da cheng qi tang
yang ming fu synd causing severe constipation
xiao cheng qi tang
yang ming fu synd causing mod constipation
tiao wei cheng qi tang
yang ming fu synd cousing mild constipaton
ma zi ren wan
intestines dryness casuing constipation
da huang fu zi tang
internal c accum causing constipation
xiao yao san
alt c/f, hypo pain , irreg menses, pms, breast dist : strg sp, nourish bl, harmi liv/sp
t= dusky thin w
si ni san
cl internal h, reduce stag, pt has very cold extremities with warm truck; activate qi, cl h and reduce stag
xiao chai hu tang
alt c/f harm shao yang
da chai hu tang
shao yang/yang ming synd together
tong xie yao fang
harm liv/sp, dishar cause diarrhea and pain
ban xia xie xin t
harmi st/int and relieve dist, improper purging causes patho to sink inter--cause h/c interaction
ping wei san
mid warmer damp stag
huo xiang zheng qi san
mid warmer d stag w/ ext w-c
yin chen hao t
liv/gb d-h casuing jaundice
ba zheng san
lj d-h w/ acute h lin synd
shao yao t
li d-h w/ qi/bl stag casuing diarrhea
wu ling san
lj water-d accun
zhu ling t
lj water/h accum w/ yin def
wu pi san
sp qi def w/ water-d casuing skin edema
fang ji huang qi t
sp/wei qi def causing w-edema or w-d
qiang huo sheng t
w-d-c in ch causing acute bi synd
du ho ji sheng t
w-c-d causing chr bi synd w/ liv/k def/ qi/bl def
zhen wu t
k/sp yang def cause water accum
er chen t
dry d-p
bei mu gua lou san
moisten dry and resolve p in lu cause dry cough
wen dan t
cl h/p, gb/st disharm w/ p-h
qing qi hua tan wan
p-h in lu cause cough
xiao xian xiong t
p-h in chest and epi
ling gan wu wei jiang xin t
congest fllluids in chest w/ lu p-c
ing gui zhu gan t
lu p-d or tan yin synd
san zi yang qin t
lu p-c w/ qi stag
zhi sou san
ext w-p causing cough
ban xia bai zhu tain ma t
internal w-p causing hz, dizziness
li zhong wan
sp/st yang def w/ c
wu zhu yu t
st c w/ qi reb/ liv ch c
xiao jian zhong t
sp yang def w/ c cause abd pain
da jian zhong t
mj full c cause abd pain
dang gui si ni t
cold obst ch w/ bl def
si jun zi t
ton qi, tx qi def
shen ling bai zhu san
sp qi def w/ d cause diarrhea
bu zhong yi qi t
sp qi def w/ qi sinking
shen mai san
qi/yin def
si wu t
nourish bl, tx bl def w stag
dang gui bu xue t
nour bl, bl def w/ float yang
liu wei di huang wan
noursh yin liv/k yin def
zuo gui yin
tx k yin /ess def
da bu yin wan
severe liv/k yin def w empty h
yi guan jian
liv/k yin def w liv stag
jin gui shen qi wan
ba wei di h
ton yang, tx k yang def w empty c
you gui wan
k yang /ess def w/ bl def
shi quan da bu yin
ton qi/bl, qi/bl def w/c
gui pi t
sp/ht bl/qi def
zhi gan cao t
qi/bl/fluid def causing irreg pulse
ba zhen t
qi/bl def
fu yuan huo xue t
hypo bl stag d/t injury
wen jing t
chong/ren ch c/bl stag cause irreg menses
sheng hua t
bl/c stag cause post partum lochail ret
gui zhi fu ling w
bl stag in uterus
tao he cheng qi t
lj bl stag w/ h
xue fu xhu yu t
bl/qi tag in chest
shi xiao san
bl stag cause pain
dan shen yin
bl/qi stag casue chest pain
u yang huan wu t
qi/bl stag in ch w/ qi def cause hemiplegia
jiao ar tang
c/r def w/ c/bl def, pale, thin no clots, constant spotting or heavy flow
wen jing t
c/r def w c/bl stag, warm menses, pale thin w/ clots, mild persitent bl or prolong flow
gu chong t
ton sp stab chong ch, thin pale, fooding cont trickling
gu jing w
cl h, nourish yin, stab menses, injury from liv f, drk red with drk clots, alternating trickling/flooding
shi hui s
liv/st f w/ bl h =acute bl
ke xue fang
cl h, stop bl, liv f invade lu cause hemoptysis
huai hua san
li w-h or d-h toxin causing rectal bl
xiao ji yin zi
h cause ua bl
huang tu t
sp yang/bl def w/ c cause chr bl
jiao ai t
c/r def w/ c/bl def uterine bl
yu ping feng s
def qi cause sweat
dang gui liu h t
yin def cause nite sweats
si shen w
k/sp yang def cause diarrhea
wan dai t
sp def w d/qi stag cause leuchorrhea
yi huang t
sp def w/ d-h casue leuchorrea
suo quan wan
kyang def/c cause ua leak
jin suo gu jing w
k def cause spermatorrhea
gan mai da zao t
deppress, disorientation, frequent yawning, ht yin/qi def disrput liv qi
xiao fen san
w-d-h in skin cause pruritus
xiao huo luo d
w-d-c obst ch
qian zheng s
w-p obst facial ch
zhen gan xi feng t
liv yang rising w/ inter w d/t liv/k yin def
e jiao ji zi huang t
bl.yin def w/ inter w
jian pi wan
food qi/ d stag in mj w/ def
san ju yin
w-h cough
yin qiao s
w-h toxin
jiu wei qiang huo t
w-d body aches
ren shen bai du san
qi def
ma huang fu zi xi xin t
s/s yang def
jia jian wei rui t
s/s yin def
qing hao bie jia t
def h, noctournal low-grade f
qing gu s
afternoon low grade f, liv/k yin def, steaming bone
qing gu s
afternoon low grade f, liv/k yin def, steaming bone
xie bai s
lu-h w/ qi stag wheezing
dao chi san
drk painful ua, h in ht
zuo jin wan
liv oa st, reguritation
xie haung s
sp/st f severe thirst
qing wei s
st/f in yangm ch, toothache, bl gums
yu nu jian
st/f w yin/f def=dry, thirst for c h20