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ren shen, tonify qi
xi yang shen, tonify qi
dang shen, tonify qi
tai zi shen, tonify qi
huang qi, tonify qi
bai zhu, tonify qi
shan yao, tonify qi
gan cao, tonify qi
da zao, tonify qi
zhi gan cao, tonify qi
dang gui, tonify blood
shu di huang, tonify blood
bai shao, tonify blood
he shou wu, tonify blood
e jiao, tonify blood
long yan rou, tonify blood
lu rong, tonify yang
lu rong, tonify yang
rou cong rong, tonify yang
ba ji tian, tonify yang
yin yang huo, tonify yang
xian mao, tonify yang
bu gu zhi, tonify yang
yi zhi ren, tonify yang
du zhong, tonify yang
xu duan, tonify yang
tu si zi, tonify yang
sha yuan zi, tonify yang
zi he che, tonify yang
jui zi, tonify yang
suo yang, tonify yang
sha shen, tonify yin
mai dong, tonify yin
tian dong, tonify yin
gou qi zi, tonify yin
han lian cao, tonify yin
nu zhen zi, tonify yin
gui ban, tonify yin
bie jia, tonify yin
ma huang gen, stabilize the exterior
wu wei zi, stabilize lung and intestines
wu mei, stabilize lung and intestines
he zi, stabilize lung and intestines
rou dou kou, stabilize lung and intestines
shan zhu yu, stabilize kidney
fu pen zi, tonify kidney
sang piao xiao, stabilize kidney
hai piao xiao, stabilize kidney
qian shi, stabilize kidney
jin ying zi, stabilize kidney
long gu, anchor and calm the spirit
ci shi, anchor and calm the spirit
hu po, anchor and calm the spirit
suan zao ren, nourish and calm the spirit
yuan zhi, nourish and calm the spirit
ye jiao teng, nourish and calm the spirit
he huan pi, nourish and calm spirit
ling zhi, nourish and calm spirit
shi jue ming, subdue liver yang
zhen zhu mu, subdue liver yang
mu li, subdue liver yang
bai ji li, subdue liver yang
gou teng, extinguish liver wind
tian ma, extinguish liver wind
di long, extinguish liver wind
quan xie, extinguish liver wind
wu gong, extinguish liver wind
bing pian, herbs that open orifices and are aromatic
shi chang pu, herbs that open orifices and are aromatic
shi jun zi, expel parasites
bing lang, expel parasites
she chuang zi, substances for external applications