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cloudy urination?
bi xie
yin jaundice
yin chen hao
other herbs that relieve jaundice
3 huangs, long dong cao, da huang, pu gong ying and zhi zi
another method to relieve jaundice?
promote urination
two major medical functions of Han Fang Ji
1- treat bi (hot)
2-promote urination (lin and edema, spec Lin)
Is han/fen fang ji and guang/mu fang ji better for what?
han/fen fang ji - promoting urination

guang/mu fang ji - tx bi syndrome
what are three ways to treat bi syndrome?
1- expel wind cold damp
2-smooth/unblock merdians
3- tonfiy liv/kid yin to strength tendons and bones

minor- invigorate blood and transform phlegm
what two herbs in the dispel win damp category lower high Bp?
Sang Zhi and Xi Xian Cao
Which has a bigger dose? Sang Zhi or Xi Xian Cao
Sang Zhi 10-30g
What part of the body does Sang Zhi treat?
What do Mu Gua and Can Sha have in common?
both treat Huo Luan Syndrome
how should you prepare can sha before cooking?
put in paper bag first or Muddy!!
what is the major medical function of Wu Jia Pi?
Treat 5 Delayed Syndrome (d/t Liv/id essence xu)
how is Bai Hua She most commonly used?
in tincture
What is the difference between Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bei mu?
Chuan Bei Mu
best prepared as powder and swollowed with water
Treats Lung DRYNESS (Sweet)

Zhe Bei mu
Colder so it treats Lung Heat
Better with Nodules then Chuan Bei Mu

other herbs that treat nodlues
Ban Xia, Bain Qian and BAI JIE ZI
What is the difference between the three Gua Lou?
Gou Lou - opens chest

Gou Lou Pi - Lung related Cough with Phlegm

Gou Lou Ren - moistne LI for constipation
What do Hai Zao and Kun Bu have in common?
1- reduce nodules (goiter)
2- promote urination
why are Hai Zao and Kun Bu in the category of stopping cough and transforming phlegm?
What herb is C/I with Gan Cao?
Hai Zao
What are the major medical functions of Zhu Ru?
1- Tx st heat related n/vomiting, SPECIALLY when there is heat in the GB/ST causing shen problems
What merdian does Zhu Ru enter first?
LUNG, than ST/GB
What are the major medical functions of Ban Xia?
1-tranform phlegm cold
2-tx cold related vomiting/nausea, d/t ST heat
3- reduces nodules (goiter)
What is stronger? Ban Xia or Tian Nan Xing?
Tian Nan Xing
How can we use Tian Nan Xing (a very warm herb) to treat warm condition?
prepare with animal bile =

BAN Tian Nan Xing
What herb should be put in the bag b/c it is TOO FUZZY?
Xuan Fu Hua
Besides Transforming Cold Phlegm, what is the other major medical function of Xuan Fu Hua?
1- calms rebellious st qi, cold related v/nausea
Bai (jie) Zi major medical functions.
1- transforms real OR insubstantial phlegm
2-externally prevention of SUMMERTIME HEAT (damp) by taping on UB 13, 15, and 17
Jie Geng major medical functions.
Sl. Cold
-can be used in both phlegm heat and phlegm cold
-VENTS LUNG QI (to stop cough)
-Transforms makes phlegm easier to cough out

Very Important for Lung!
Goes to LUNG Only
vents LUNG qi
guides other herbs to LUNG
treat LUNG Abscess
is Xing Ren for all types of cough?
no only externally related, also used to moisten LI for constipation
Why do we believe Pi Pa Ye enters the Lu and St channel?
Clears ST heat (heart burn)

Make sure to brush off Fur to prevent choking before adding to formule
How does Bai Bu stop cough?
it nourishes (sweet)
What do we mean by Bai Bu kills parasite?
LI abcesses
Pinworm (internall)
Lice (externally)
Lung TB
What are the three major medical functions of Sang Bai Pi?
1- lowers high bp
2-promote urination
3-clears lung heat (to stop cough)
three major medical functions fo Huo Xiang (aromatic tranform damp category)
1- tx n/vomit, middle jiao damp
2- relieves WC invasion, spec with signs of middle jiao damp
3- clears summertime heat

Special b/c SL. WARM, so there is no concern about Yin Xu from overuse and can use for summertime heat
Three major medical functions of Shan Zhu
1- relieve food stag(spec meat)
2- invigorated blood
3- lowers Bp and cholesterol (singularly)
What is the strongest herb for relieving food stagnation?
Ji Nei Jin (which secure KID Yin and treat UB/GB stones)
Besides relieving food stagnation (Dikon Soup) what is Lai Fu Zi good for?
Calms Rebelious Lung Qi for CHEST CONGESTION

(not related to food stagnation function)