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Acrid & sweet herbs treat?
wind cold (cough) & wind heat (sore throat) <exterior>
How do you release exterior & expel pathogenic factors?
Which herbs can be used for wind cold exterior excess
Ma Huang & Gui Zhi
Which functions belong to both Sang ye & Ju hua?
Clear Liver & Brighten eyes
<for wind-heat syndromes>
Which herb can release muscle, Nourish fluids & alleviate Diarrhea?
Ge Gen
Functions of Gui Zhi?
Warm Channel, disperse cold
Warm & facilitate flow in blood vessels
Unblocks yang, transforms Qi
Special function of Zi Su Ye?
Calms fetus ( relieves morning sickness)
Indications of Jing Jie?
Ext patterns of wind cold or wind heat
Hemorrhage or uterine bleeding, blood in stool
Measles & skin disorders
Which herbs can treat painful obstruction due to dampness (bi syndrome)
fang feng
Qiang Hu
Gui Zhi
Which herb treats Wind-cold vertex pain?
Gao Ben
Treats sore swollen throat, wind heat, constipation?
Niu Bang Zi
this happened to her cause she had sex
Which herb can be used to Raise Yang Qi?
Sheng Ma
Chai Hu
Which Herbs treat Shao Yang disorder?
Chai hu with Huang Qin
C H w/ H Q
What dosage of Chai Hu is used to reduce fever?
Large (12g)
Which herb Treats nasal disorders?
Xi Xin
Xing Yi Hua
Bai Zhi
Ceng er Zi
Stops vomiting due to cold in stomach ?
Sheng Jiang
Treats pain in occiput?
Qiang Huo
Herbs that clear heat do this?
Clear away interior heat

Interior heat syndromes:
Heat in qi & blood
int. heat of Zang & fu
fever due to yin def.
Shi Gao function?
Clears heat, purge fire
Relieves irritability & thirst
generates flesh
(clears excess heat from lung)
(Treats blazing stomach fire)
Deficiency of liver & kidney yin with heat signs?
Zhi Mu
Which herb can purge fire in all 3 jaios?
Zhi Zi
Which Jiao for each of the 3 Huangs?
Upper = Huang Qin
Middle = Huang Lian
Lower = Huang Bai
Liver fire & wind fire eye disorder
Gu Jing Cao
Hu Huang Lian
Jue Ming Zi
Mi Meng Hua
Qing Xiang Zi
Qing Hao