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What is the first serological marker detected in Hep A?
fecal hepatitis A virus - HAV
When is Fecal HAV detected?
during the incubation phase, 15-45 days.
When does the acute disease of Hep A set in?
2-12 weeks
What Hep A markers show up during the acute disease stage?
IgM anti-HAV first, then IgG.
How would you know was in Convalescence and recovery?
If IgG Anti-HAV was high but IgM was low or not detectable.
what is the structure of HAV again?
Icosahedral capsid with ssRNA.
What is the structure of Hepatitis C virus??
envelped ssRNA.
what is theearliest marker in hep C other than serum transaminases?
HCV-RNA detected.
When is HCV RNA first detectable, and then peak?
First is in incubation period.
Peak is during 1-3 wk period of acute disease.
How would you know a Hepatitis C case was going to resolve?
Would see IgM and IgG Ant-HCV rise in the mid-late symptom phase.
What are the signs of chronic hepatitis C?
Symptoms reappear and disappear.
No anti-HCV ever appears!
HCV-RNA is detectable for months to years, not just first 3 wks.
What 2 ways does Hep D infect individuals?
1. Coinfection w/ Hep B
2. Superinfection
What is the difference between coinfection and superinfection?
Co = Hep D and B infect at the same time.
Super = Hep D infects a person that already has Hep B
Which is worse, co or super?
Super. B/c 80% of people with it progress to cirrhosis, where 90% of coinfections recover.
How can you differentiate serologically a hep D coinfection from super?
Hep B markers: follow relatively normal course.
Hep D markers: HDV RNA is only present for a while, where it REMAINS in a superinfection. Also, total Anti-HDV drops way off in co-infection, but stays HIGH in super.