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libero, are, avi, atus (1) tr; abl. of separation
free (from)
vacuus, a, um. adj; abl. of seperation
empty (of)
liber, libera, liberum. adj; abl. of seperation
free (from)
prohibeo, ere, ui, itus (2) tr; abl. of seperation
ward off (from), prevent
tutus, a, um. adj.
safe (from)
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus (3) tr.
defend (from)
plenus, a, um. adj; w/gen. or abl.
cum, prep. w/abl.
in. prep. w/abl.
in, on
pro. prep. w/abl.
in front of (before), on behalf of (for)
ab (a), prep. w/abl.
by, from
de. prep. w/abl.
concerning, down from, from
sine. prep. w/abl.
absum, abesse, abfui, abfuturus. intr; ab (a) w/abl.
am away, am distant