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Bullfighting, hunting,boxing, war
one feels truley alive and which shows that when you win you feel honorable.
Ideal view of woman
The woman does everything for the man... Cook, clean, etc.. everything the man wants her to do she will do..
Views of Woman
They are beautiful and feminine. He feels they are to clingy and they are destructive-- the woman ruin the mens manly lives.
men stay away from women in order to remain manly and strong!!!
Ex: Soldier's home
People who leave their countries...(Expatroit)
Ex: A Very Short Story
Traveler vs. Tourist
Travlers are more in depth with the surroundings and Tourist are more for the experience and views.
Iceburg Metaphor
If 1/8th of the story is careful, selected, and crafted, the reader will understand the other 7/8ths without needing the author to spell things out for them.
Wounds as metaphors!
In Another Country- the machines that are used to fix the wounded solier's hand and leg.

The Sun Also Rises- the narrator injured his groin in war and cannot be with women..

Snows of Kilimanjaro-The infection that was caused from a thorn prick.