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Three classifications of anemia
1. increased destruction of RBCs
2. decreased production
3. decreased lifespan in cirulation
-HOw much iron can be taken in with a big steak meal with spnach?

-At what rate do we lose iron?

-Maximum compensation for loss of iron or lack of absorption?
~1 mg

~1 mg / month

~4 mg
#1 cause of pediatric overload:
Iron overload
Drugs like barbituates and anticonvulsants may result in Microcytosis, this is due to:
Iron deficiency due to decreased absorption
Iron must be in the _________ state for maximum absorption. It is taken up by _________ transporters to the reticuloendothelial system, then to the bone marrow for hem synthesis
Total iron binding capacity TIBC is (increased/decreased) during Iron deficiency anemia

Because there are many empty iron transporters due to low iron levels
-total iron levels in blood can be elevated, normal, or decreased in this deficiency

-increased ferritin levels

-decreased TIBC
Anemia of inflammation (lack of use)

-blood flow goes to the area of inflammation and sequesters the iron bound to Hb so it can't be used elsewhere
Folic acid and B12 is required for the synthesis of what Nucleic acid?
Bacterial overgrowth and some medications can cause decreased absorption of this vitamin
-How long for a vegan to develope B12 deficiency?

-How long until a folic acid deficiency?
B12 - 5-10 years

Folic acid - 3 months
GI issues and celiac sprue (gluten-sensitive enteropathy) can cause this deficiency:
Folic acid deficiency
Treatment of Iron in patient with intrinsic factor deficiency:
Intra venous
Only homocysteine (methylmalonic acid normal) levels are elevated in this deficiency:
Folic acid deficient
Both homocysteine and methylmalonic acid are elevated in this deficiency:
B12 deficient
Treatment for B12 and folic acid deficiency:
200 mg oral supplement