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How is hemodynamic status affected by anemia?
High output failure - "flow" murmurs, palpable thrills, S4, and even an S3 gallop

Vital signs - hypotension, tachycardia, tachypnea, and dyspnea
What would you expect during skin and mucous membrane assessment in anemia?
Conjunctiva, gingiva, palmar creases, and nail beds will be pale. If hemoglobin is less than 10 grams, they will appear pale overall.
What are the manifestations and possible causes of iron deficiency anemia?
Manifestations include koilonychia (spooning of nailbeds), angular chelosis, pacrophagia (craving of ice chips), and geophagia (eating dirt).

Possible causes include GI bleeding (found by guaiac positive stool), menstrual positive stool, and post-partum.
What would a peripheral smear in iron deficiency anemia show?
Microcytic, hypochromic RBS; mild thrombocytosis
Manifestations of pernicious anemia
Atrophic glossitis, stocking glove neuropathy with loss of vibratory sensation, and pancytopenia
What would you see on a peripheral smear of someone with pernicious anemia?
Pancytopenia, macrolytic anemia, thrombocytopenia, and hypersegmented PMNs
What are the B symptoms of lymphoproliferative disorders?
Unintentional weight loss (> 10% of body weight in past 2 months), fevers (Pel-Epstein fever curve; intermittent fever), night sweats (drenching)

Other symptoms which are not technically B symptoms include pain in lymph nodes with ethanol ingestion and severe pruritis
What is the classic description of lymphoma tissue?
Non-tender, rubbery nodes
Castell's sign
Castell’s method involves first placing the patient in the supine position. With the patient in full inspiration and then full expiration, percuss the area of the lowest intercostal space (eighth or ninth) in the left anterior axillary line. If the note changes from resonant on full expiration to dull on full inspiration, the sign is regarded as positive. The resonant note heard upon full expiration is likely to be due to the air-filled stomach or splenic flexure of the colon. When the patient inspires, the spleen moves inferiorly along the posterolateral abdominal wall. If the spleen is enlarged enough that the inferior pole reaches the eighth or ninth intercostal space, a dull percussion note will be appreciated, indicating splenomegaly.
Traube's space
An anatomic region of some clinical importance. It's a crescent-shaped space, encompassed by the lower edge of the left lung, the anterior border of the spleen, the left costal margin and the inferior margin of the left lobe of the liver. Thus, its surface markings are respectively the left sixth rib, the left anterior axillary line, and the left costal margin.
What are the manifestations of acute non-lymphocytic leukemia M3?
Ecchymoses, purpura, petechia, and bleeding
What are the manifestations of acute non-lymphocytic leukemia M5?
Infiltration of gingiva and perineal tissues with the tumor clone.
What are the manifestations of colon carcinoma?
Guaiac positive stool, melena, constipation, tenesmus.
Is guaiac derived from a plant of some kind?
You betcha. Guaiacum, sometimes spelled Guajacum, is a genus of flowering plants in the caltrop family Zygophyllaceae. It contains five species of slow-growing shrubs and trees, reaching a height of approximately 20 m (66 ft) but are usually less than half of that. All are native to subtropical and tropical regions of the Americas. The word guaiacum originated in Maipurean, the language spoken by the native Taínos of the Bahamas; it was adopted by English in 1533, the first word in that language of American origin.
Where does colon cancer usually metastasize first?
Where does rectal cancer usually metastasize first?
What are the manifestations of pancreatic carcinoma?
Usually silent until advanced. Symptoms include painless jaundice, clay colored stool, darkened urine, Virchow's node, and Sister Mary Joseph's nodule.
What are the manifestations of breast carcinoma?
Breast nodule or mass, acquired nipple retraction, bloody nipple discharge, axillary lymph node enlargement (rock hard, fixed), supraclavicular lymph node enlargement
What are the manifestations of lung carcinoma?
Risk factor profile - nicotine staining on fingernails

Cough, weight loss, post-obstructive pneumonia, superior vena cava syndrome (right), supraclavicular and axillary lymph nodes being rock hard and fixed