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What is a histiocyte?
generally, a tissue macrophage
What is a left-shift?
- an increase in neutrophils and an increase in bands - due to bacterial infections
What is a right shift?
- due to an increase in lyphocytes (lymphocytosis) - can be caused by viral infection, parasitic infection, TB, or cancer
Name a drug that stimulates the production of neutrophils
What is a leukomoid reaction?
- a profound increase in WBC - 35000-50000
What is essential thrombocytosis?
an increase in platelets in the range of millions
What is the normal value for RBCs?
4-5 x 10^6
What are the 2 types of polycythemia?
1. reactive - reacting to physiologic or environmental condition (smoking, COPD, living at high altitude) 2. polycythemia vera - a myeloproliferative disorder (aka primary polycythemia
Patients with physical findings of thrombocytopenia generally have platelet levels at this level?
< 50,000
An elevated reticulocyte count can is indicative of what process?
hemolysis or bleeding