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t(8;14)- gene and diseases
t(8;14)- c-MYC/IgH
[Very fast cell proliferation]

Burkitt Lymphoma (unfavorable prognosis)

Mature B Cell ALL (favorable prognosis with aggressive treatment)
t(11;14)- gene and diseases
t(11;14)- Cyclin D1/IgH
[Relentless slow growth]

Mantle Cell Lymphoma (unfavorable prognosis)

Multiple Myeloma (favorable prognosis)
t(14;18)- gene and disease
t(14;18)- BCL-2/IgH
[Resistance to apoptosis]

Follicular Lymphoma
CD19, CD20, CD5, CD38
CD19 and CD20 (B cell markers), CD5 (T cell marker), CD38 (adverse prognosis)

indicate B-Cell CLL
t(4;14)- gene and disease
t(4;14)- FGFR3/IgH

Multiple Myeloma (unfavorable prognosis)
t(14q32)- disease
t(14q32)- Multiple Myeloma
t(9;22)- gene and diseases
t(9;22)- Philadelphia
[Poor Prognosis]

All adult CML, some adult ALL, few child ALL
t(4;11)- disease
t(4;11)- Infant ALL (poor prognosis)
t(12;21)- gene and disease
t(12;21)- TEL AML 1 (ETV-RUNX1)

Child ALL (favorable prognosis)
Hyperdiploid (>50 chromosomes)
Hyperdiploid favorable in child ALL and Multiple Myeloma
t(8;21)- gene and disease
t(8;21)- RUNX1-RUNX1T1
[Core binding factor leukemia]
[Favorable Prognosis]

AML with Maturation (M2)
t(15;17)- gene and disease
t(15;17)- PML-RARA
[Favorable Prognosis]

Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (M3)
Inv(16)- gene and disease
Inv(16)- CBFB-MYH11
[Core binding factor leukemia]
[Favorable Prognosis]

AML-M4E0 (Myelomonocytic)
t(11q23)- gene and diseases
t(11q23)- Myeloid Lymphoid Leukemia (MLL) Gene
[Unfavorable Prognosis]

Infant, Acute Myelomonocytic (M4), and Acute Monocytic (M5) Leukemias
-5, -7, 5q-, 7q- disease
-5, -7, 5q-, 7q- therapy related AML [Unfavorable Prognosis]
t(9;11)- gene and disease
t(9;11)- MLLT3-MLL gene
[Can partner with (t11q23)]
[Intermediate Prognosis]

NMP1 mutation
NMP1 mutation + Normal Cytogenetics in AML- favorable prognosis
CEBPA mutation
CEBPA mutation + Normal Cytogenetics in AML- favorable prognosis
FLT3 mutation
FLT3 mutation in AML- unfavorable prognosis