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Heavy helicopters
They have a payload of 16,000lbs or greater.
Sikossky S-64E
aprrox payload of 19,000lbs.
burns 525gal/hr. single lift rotor. used mainly for heavy
Boeing Vertol 234
approx payload of 24,000lbs.
twin lift rotor
burnes 375gal/hr.
used for heavy yarding.
Medium helicopters
Payload range from 8 to 12,000lbs.
Sikorsky S-61
payload of 8 to 10,000lbs
single lift rotor
burnes 160gal/hr
used for medium yarding
Boeing Vertol 107
known as the baby chinook
pay load of 8 to 10,000lbs
burnes 150gal/hr
twin lift rotor
production ship
Bell 214
payload of 8 to 10,000lbs
singal lift rotor
burns 160gal/hr
Light/medium helicopters
have a payload of around 6,000lbs
Areo space koman kmax 1200
payload of 6,000lbs
has a twin intermeshed rotor
burns about 85gal/hr
used as a production ship
only helicopter that dose not loose playload when it climbs elev.
Light helicopters
they have a payload of 4,000lbs or less.
Bell 204
payload of 4,000lbs
singal lift rotor
burns about 50gal/hr
it's an allpurpose helicopter
used for light yarding
Bell 206
payload of 1,500lbs
single lift rotor
burnes 40gal/hr
used as a support ship.
hughes 500
payload of 1,000lbs
uses a rotor pistion engine
singal lift rotor
burnes 25gal/hr
used as a support ship.