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I like a teacher that explain things.
3rd person singular subject with an unmarked verb (no -s ending)
me 'n some more boys does.
plural subject followed by a verb with an -s ending
before you girls was born
past tense was with a plural subject
he don't like for me to go to ball games
present tense negative don't with 3rd person singular subject
they's big families on both sides
the expletive there, contracted to form there's (pronounced theys)
i never had nowheres to sleep
multiple negatives
i ain't lyin to ya son
ain't as generalized negative
i liketa fell over
liketa followed by past tense verb (meaning almost)
if the school ain't a-gonna go on
a-prefixing with -ing verbs
n' he come home n' made chairs
nonstandard use of past tense verb form
i had wrote out a little ol' time news
nonstandard use of a past participle verb form