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To be Reliable/Faithful
To be Steady/Firm/Reliable
To Believe (Hiphil)
To be Saved;
To be Delievered/Victorious
To Receive Help
To Save (Hiphil)
To be Established;
To be Steadfast;
To be Ready
To be Left Over;
To Remain
To Fight;
To Do Battle With
To Escape;
To Flee to Safety
To be Sorry;Repent;
To Have Compassion
To Regret;(Niphal)
To Comfort/Console (Piel)
To Strike/Beat/Hit/Smite;
To Strike Dead/Destroy
To Injure
To Stand (Firm)
To Take Ones Stand;
To Be Stationed
To Be Rescued;
To Be Delivered
To Be Hidden;
To Hide Oneself (Niphal)
To Hide Someone (Hiphil)
To be Extraordinary;
To be Wonderful;
To be Too Dificult;
To Run
To Ruin/Spoil;
To Destroy/Annihilate
To be Exterminated
To be Destroyed/Annihilated