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A precipitate is
a solid substance formed from a solution
What are the observable clues that a chemical reaction has occurred?
release of gas
color change
formation of a precipitate
Energy is
anything that is not mattter and can cause a change in matter
The Law of Conservation states
potential energy can be transformed into kinetic energy
What is a double replacement
When the reactants switch places
to form new substances

AY + BT (leads to) AT + BY
What is synthesis?
When two reactants combine to
form a new substance

A + B (leads to) AB
Arrows going in to directions in a chemical formula indicates that the
reaction is
In order to balance a chemical equation you must
change the coefficients
What is the difference between
endothermic reaction and exothermic reaction?
Endothermic takes in energy/heat

Exothermic gives off energy/heat
Which are examples of potential energy?
moving car
water behind a dam
compressed spring
stretched rubber band
an water molecule
water behind a dam
compressed spring
stretched rubber band
Gases released during a reaction are written which side of the arrow?
Is combustion endothermic or exothermic?
exothermic (gives off heat)
What is a single replacement?
When one element takes the place of another element as part of a compound

A + BC (leads to) AB + C
What is decomposition?
When a compound is broken down to form two or more simple substances
What is dissociation?
The separation of molecules into two or more fragments, NOT a difference substance
(has ions)
In activity series a metal will replace any metal and a halogen will replace a halogen that is which?

below it above it
below it