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all the characteristics that make strong, happy, and able to function
lifestyle choices
daily choices that affect your health
how you treat your body and mind
lifestyle diseases
poor life choices --> diseases
heart and lung disease, cancer, diabetes, liver disease
2 things that influence lifestyle diseases
heredity and environment
chronological age
physiological age
chrono: age on calender
physio: age based on body's health and probably life expectancy
6 habits that effect persons body
1. sleep
2. eating regular meals
3. physical activiy
4. not smoking
5. alcohol in moderation
6. weight under control
characteristics of a emotionally, mentally, and spritualy healthy person
1.strong sense of self
2.accept new ideas/behaviors
3.can take setbacks w/o loss of self esteem
4.aware of emotions, can express them
5.seeks help when needed
6.feel life has meaning
7.cherished values
8.manages stress well
natrual motivation vs. learned motivation
nat: comes naturally from instincts/drives
learned: work hard, money, possesion
4 factors of motivation
value of the reward(how big?)
its timing (how soon?)
the costs (risks?)
its probability (likely?)
why people have a hard time getting motivated for health changes?
timing and probability factors
how to set goals
1.identify general goal
2.3 specific behaviors
3.indetify steps
4.commit to specific time
5.set up chart
how to stay committed
rule of 3
change your self image
hard work