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Heart Pattern - Def

Qi Deficiency
Ton: Pale - normal color
Pul: Empty
Key: Palpitations, tiredness, lack of energy
O: spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, pallor, sadness
Heart Pattern - Full

Phlegm Misting Mind
Ton: Swollen, thick coat, midline crack
Pul: Slippery
Key: mental confusion, rattling sound in throat
Heart Pattern - Full

Blood Stagnation / Stasis
Ton: Purple
Pul: Choppy, wiry, knotted
Key: stabbing pain in chest,cyanosis of lips, purple tongue
O; shortness of breath, constriction in chest, oppression
Heart Pattern - Def

Yin Deficiency
Ton: red tip, no coat, deep crack
Pul: thin, rapid, floating, empty
Key: palpitations, metnal restlessness, mallor flush, 5 palm sweat
O: poor memory, anxiety, night sweats, uneasiness
Heart Pattern - Def

Yang Deficiency
Ton: slightly wet, swollen
Pul: Deep (weak possibly knotted)
Key: palpitations, cold hands, cold limbs, tiredness
O: feeling of cold, pale face
Heart Pattern - Def

Yang Collapse
Ton: Pale, Blusih purple (possibly short)
Pul: hidden, knotted
Key; lip cyanosis, cold limbs
O: palpitations, tired, weak, shallow breath, big sweat
Heart Pattern - Def

Blood Deficiency
Ton: Pale, thin, dry
Pul: Choppy, or fine
Key: palpatations, insomnia, poor memory
O: dizzy, pale gums, pail nails, leg cramps, poor night vision, dull complexion
Heart Pattern - Full

Heart Blazing
Ton: red, tip red, swollen, yellow coat, may be midline crack
Pul: full, rapid, flooding (esp on left)
Key: tongue ulcers, thirst, palpitations, red ton.
O: irritability, mental restlesness, feeling of heat, fever
Heart Pattern - Full

Phlegm Fire Harrassing
Ton: red, midline crack, yellow - sticky moss
Pul: full rapid slippery or rapid overflowing
Key: various mental symptoms, red tong, yellow sticky coat
O: disturbed behavior, mental confusion, disturbed dreams
Heart Pattern - Full

Heart Qi Stagnations
Ton: slightly pale, purple on sides
Pul: empty, slightly overflowing in front position
Key: not listed
O: feeling of distention, palpitations, chest opression, lump in throat