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Heart Failure Defined:
Heart Failure defined:

A syndrome in which the heart’s function as a pump is impaired such that it cannot provide sufficient CO
What are the two facets of cardiac function that if impaired can lead to heart failure?
Two facets of cardiac function that if impaired can lead to heart failure:

adequate forward flow

maintenance of low atrial pressures
Define Circulatory Congestion
Circulatory Congestion:

The condition where venous pressures are elevated, leading to vascular engorgement and ultimately to the formation of edema.
Define Congestive Heart Failure

The condition in which venous congestion is the result of the heart’s inability to adequately function under the hemodynamic conditions present. All congestion is not heart failure; heart failure patients do not all have chronic congestion.
Right-sided vs. Left= ded Circulatory Congestion
Right sided venous congestion is associated with peripheral edema, hepatic engorgement, and jugular venous distension.

Left sided venous congestion is associated with pulmonary signs and symptoms.