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What are the two main divisions of the cardiovascular system ?
Pulmonary circuit (blood to lungs for gas exchange)
Systemic circuit (supplies blood to every organd of the body including lungs and heart)
PulSys (pulses)
The right side of the heart serves the ___________ circuit
Blood coming into the right side of the heart is:
Blood returing from circulation in the body. It is oxygen and nutrient poor and full of wastes and CO2
If you're a fundamentalist right winger you're full of a lot of crap and possibly not getting enough oxygen.
The left side of the heart serves as the _________ circuit.
my SYSTEr LEFT her HEART in San Francisco.
Blood leaves the left side of the heart via the _______
Major arteries and veins entering and leaving the heart are called the:
a. Big Boys
b. Fire hoses
c. Great Vessels
c. Great Vessels
The heart is located in the
a. mediastinum
b. stinum-media
c. lower left atrial vent of the coronary closet
a. mediastinum
About 2/3 of the heart is located:
a. the the left of the median plane
b. to the right of the median plane
c. does not contain blood
a. left of the median plane.
The superior portion of the heart is called the _______ and is the point of attachment for the ______ _______
base, great vessels
The inferior portion of the heart is called the _______